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U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020

U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020


What will be the result of the 2020 United States presidential election?

Decision Logic

The candidate that wins 270+ Electoral College votes at the 2020 presidential election will be settled as winner. Any subsequent events will have no effect on the settlement of this market.
If no candidate wins 270+ Electoral College votes, we wait and the person chosen as President will be settled as winner.
If Trump or Biden are replaced as candidates for any reason before the election this proposition will be settled as a Republicans vs Democrats proposition.

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8:19PM, Oct 4, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC


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Pnmuk 12:38AM, Nov 23, 2020 UTC
With all that's going on it's impossible to settle before 6 January as the result will be non disputable by then,
Tuned 10:28PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@kolotoure77294 you are the bet host, act a little professional. Trump still has a chance to win so maybe try not to show such bias. Thank god you are not any kind of decision maker here.
kolotoure77294 8:28PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Trump's unhinged legal team is giving me a good laugh though - what in the actual F - crying with laughter at these fools.
kolotoure77294 8:26PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
This will be settled - at the latest - on 8th December. Thank you all for your patience. 8th Dec is the deadline for legal challenges to be settled and all results will be certified. This is a bed about who wins the election and EC votes will be locked in at that point. Supreme Court voted 9-0 to not allow Electoral College electors to vote with freedom - they have to vote for who the people chose.
Pnmuk 7:16PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Bet logic decrees electoral collage or whoever gets picked possibly by scotus or congress. Since the fraud is already a feature before the count
JeezusChrist 6:48PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
The question becomes... will Trump leave the White House peacefully? Or will he pull out a miraculous victory? Or will he declare Martial Law and stay in power? Trump backers should bet this wager:
zargothrax 6:44PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Plus, most of Trump's lawsuits have already been thrown out for not providing any substantial evidence of voter fraud. You can claim there's fraud all you want, but if the state supreme courts are dismissing it, then that's that. There is no fraud unless the courts say so. You're in denial if you still think Trump has any chance of flipping even a single state at this point.
zargothrax 6:43PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
The state certification chooses which party the elector comes from. You may like to think the election isn't over because it's all "just the media announcing winners" and state certification instead of the actual vote, but let's face it. The media announced Biden as the winner because the states have named him the winner. The states have already chosen which party's elector is voting, and like I said, there's not going to be any Democrat faithless electors.
zargothrax 6:38PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Electors pledge to vote for their party's candidate. Faithless electors do not vote for the other party, they generally vote for another candidate from the same party. Like if the California elector voted for Sanders instead of Biden. But as it turns out, moderates and radicals alike are in solidarity for Joe Biden. Faithless electors will not have any significant impact this election. Since Trump can't even get full republican support, it's more likely he'll have faithless electors, if anyone.
Pnmuk 4:24PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Electoral college votes are counted on January 6 2021 and the result is announced on the same day by senate leader Mike pence the bet is based on electoral college votes not state certification
d_d 11:53AM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@red-green if you believe that there certainly won't be any faithless electors, you might want to participate here: So far it looks more like 46/54 to me.
red-green 3:32AM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
The votes are certified by now in all states just recounts left and none of the electors are gonna go bad faith, so are we any closer to coming to terms with who the losers are here?? Or we still finna play these gayames.
TeamColtra 10:48PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
lol apparently "c​rap" is a banned word .
TeamColtra 10:47PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
As I have said, I've comfortably placed my money where my mouth is. An $18 bet on "Will Courts Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election" will turn into $72. Spewing useless **** is fine, but I'm not really interested in any opinions that don't step up and don't even believe their own **** enough to bet on it.
Javan 9:33PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra the Trump path to victory is very clear.. This is going to SCOTUS very swiftly.. the media is doing everything in their power to muddy the waters and make the legal process look more like a steal itself.. If trump can flip georgia, WI and MI will follow and there will be riots! At this point I don't even care what happens, I'm just livid with the irresponsible reporting of all of the american news outlets..
fritz 7:24PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC oh and i am just here for the memes. in the end it is betmoose who decides once all is clear.
fritz 7:13PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
in a recent poll 45% said trump should concede. many dems say he shouldn't. guess they voted for the man.
fritz 7:12PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
Now guess which dems have ownership of dominion voting software?
fritz 7:12PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
In other news some mafia gangster wants to come clear apparently for pulling of the biggest election heist of all time by delivering votes for biden as instructed by dems in PA
fritz 7:10PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
The Donald is going to win it. The Dems messed up by doxxing some Rep's Children's School and now they took back their certification of Detroit and such, lmao.
TeamColtra 4:08PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
Okay @Thundy. In the end, it doesn't matter, the electoral college will vote next month and I'm going to take your money. The only way that doesn't happen is if courts get involved. If you want to make a bet on that, click my profile and click the courts overturn election bet. I'm happy to take as much of your money as you want to put in. Obviously you think the evidence is clear, the bet upside if you're right is very high.
Thundy 1:33PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
145.5 million social security numbers 17.6 million driver's licenses These are publicly available and leaked SSN's from Equifax's hack in 2018. Changing SSN's is not something that's easy, 99% of these are still accurate. With these SSN's + nobody checking signatures, I could vote illegally in PA if I wanted. If I can do it, someone else is doing it, someone with more invested in this election.
Thundy 1:28PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
"If you don't have one the documents listed under option 1, you can include the last 4 digits of your social security number on your absentee or mail-in ballot form." So, mismatched signatures won't flag it. What's protecting someone from fraudulently sending in mail in ballots and it being counted as them? Someone getting the last 4 digits of their SSN#. This is not hard, in fact, there's people on the deepweb (White House Market) that are selling social security numbers for $10 a pop.
Thundy 1:22PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
Thundy 1:07PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
A random gangster sent in 8000 ballots over the course of 5 months with the same signature, using completely fake names and fake SSN#'s and many of them were accepted before they caught on. In most of these swing states, mismatched signatures won't be enough to reject the ballot or require some sort of extra verification. How will they invalidate it?
Thundy 1:04PM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra Logan, the elections official, said officials noticed voter applications coming in that "had a consistent pattern" of a repeated post-office box, incremental Social Security numbers and similar handwriting.
TeamColtra 3:55AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
@Thundy it's not that it doesn't happen it's that you are allowed to do it and they are prepared for it and when they get the in person ballot they invalidate the mail ballot.
Thundy 12:45AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
It's not impersonation fraud that's the issue, it's not double voting, it's mail in ballots simply. Can you sincerely not imagine 75,000 illegal mail in ballots across 366 counties being casted, where there's no real verification that it's a legitimate vote? There's people that are being arrested for sending in hundreds and thousands of these ballots.
Thundy 12:43AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
8000 vote attempts in a county of 86,000 ... an acceptance rate of over 50% too for them WHILE checking the signatures. Now then, imagine states where mismatched signatures are accepted + two democrats validate the votes and you start to see the problem. There's no individual that can contest the result, there is no person that will say "oh, this signature looks off, let's throw it out" and it is allowed, invariably.
Thundy 12:33AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC
Heritage's voter fraud map is not very accurate, I can find multiple instances of MAJOR voter fraud that they don't list on their website. They do admit it's not an accurate representation, however. Only 0.00000013 percent of ballots cast were fraudulent, you say, @bit_queen? Explain this:

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