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U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020

U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020


What will be the result of the 2020 United States presidential election?

Decision Logic

The candidate that wins 270+ Electoral College votes at the 2020 presidential election will be settled as winner. Any subsequent events will have no effect on the settlement of this market.
If no candidate wins 270+ Electoral College votes, we wait and the person chosen as President will be settled as winner.
If Trump or Biden are replaced as candidates for any reason before the election this proposition will be settled as a Republicans vs Democrats proposition.

CLOSING IN2020-11-03 12:00:00

8:19PM, Oct 4, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:54PM, Dec 6, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 21.75

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Biden"

21.74740381 was split between 46 bettors.
# of Bets:93
# of Bets:46


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praine 2:18PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@Pnmuk I'm afraid you would need collateral.
Pnmuk 2:16PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
Biden punters can we talk outside forum for a bitcoin loan I'll pay back in a few weeks with interest
Pnmuk 2:14PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
The lon sharks let me go fellas they said they understood trump got robbed and the election was rigged, now betmoose or avalon you need to refund us our initial wager since the electoral process was flawed
betterment 1:45PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
If you think Trump has any tricks left up his sleeve, feel free to bet here: and here:
Tuned 12:54PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@kolotoure77294 Seek help for your trump derangement syndrome, no one here is a maga boy. we just placed a bet on trump cause he was the favoured one to win. No one, not even you expected a corrupted election scenario. you were gonna get paid regardless of winner and so desperate for the host fee(you owe someone money?), but couldn't contain trump hate *****, had to insult every trump bettor like some rabid dog.
Tuned 12:05PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@PoorSnowflake did you cry real tears while you were typing that, stop embarassing yourself. also filipinos in canada are hot and wild af, trust me on that, so I think I will stay here and enjoy myself.
PoorSnowflake 11:50AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@Tuned Shut your stupid face already and get your dumbass out of Canada, you're not welcome anymore.... @Pnmuk You and trump have a lot in common... both losers... Thank you both for your bitcoin... now like the trump campaign result... get lost
kolotoure77294 7:57AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
Thank you all. Got my host fee. Thanks @BetMoose @Avalon and all you MAGA boys. Been a beautiful MAGA meltdown and a bitcoin melt up.
Tuned 2:56AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
aren't these other trump bettors pissed? they resolved the bet off fraudulent numbers/results. In a fair election, trump would win.
Pnmuk 12:03AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
I don't fear death I'm going to die on my feet like a man should, betmoose it's been a pleasure
Pnmuk 11:59PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
As usual so trump betters we've been let down by our own man, the source cited is ivanka trump this morning
Pnmuk 11:58PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Dior is that trump calledence to the oval office and ordered all aids and orderlies out and asked pence what he would do at the senate electoral count, pence told the president that he would object to all swing states and adjourn the senate so the twin slates could be sent back and recertified be state legislature as this would be the best way to help the don but trump snugged and told pence that he is now tired of the attacks and rallies and asked pence as a friend to please let things go
jeb_bush 11:58PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
I'll pay the loan sharks for the actual toes
TeamColtra 11:50PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Can you tell the loan sharks I'll pay money for the photos.
zargothrax 8:28PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Oh wow, I didn't know that. That's a nice chunk of money there haha
Pnmuk 8:18PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Loan sharks are threatening to cut of my toes fellas are going to let them do that to the man who made you rich
Pheenixm 7:06PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
While I think the election was stolen, and I would very much like to see President Trump taking decisive action to resolve the current Constitutional Crisis, I do appreciate @kolotoure77294 for hosting this *****how. @Avalon should allow him to collect his fee.
kolotoure77294 6:14PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
A percentage of bets places go to the host. For me it's 1%. @Avalon this was settled by an admin on 6th December before I had a chance to fairly resolve. Please can you credit my host fee.
zargothrax 6:09PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
what is the host fee anyways
kolotoure77294 5:56PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@Avalon I didn't get my host fee...
Pnmuk 5:11PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
I'm in deep with the loan sharks fellas have a heart
jblndsl 4:55PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Of all the trolls on the site, @Pnmuk was by far the most entertaining.
zargothrax 4:55PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
"I only need $40,000 USD"
Pnmuk 4:45PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Biden punters when you get your payouts don't forget about me I only need 1 bitcoin 3NsHHcWTr9C5itAk2wgL8HhuxRs7mnLJDV
zargothrax 4:05PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Decision logic has nothing to do with inauguration. Biden won over 270 votes. Pack up and move on.
PoorSnowflake 3:40PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@gpac200 You are about to lose your bitcoin because you are delusional... I don't like taking advantage of stupid people but I make an exception for retrumplicans
PoorSnowflake 3:36PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@Tuned Are you seriously Canadian? What an insult to Canadians. Thanks for your bitcoin though you dumbass
Pnmuk 3:34PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Pennsylvania had 200 000 more votes than the registered on the system but congress still certified blatent fraud
Pnmuk 3:02PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
This election was rigged so we might as well rig this bet as well to state whoever enters the oval office on January 20 is winner
TeamColtra 2:57PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Joe Biden won the election, regardless of he takes the presidency. That said, Trump's team is jumping ship, Congress is not on his side, he has been threatened with the 25th, what more do you need?

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