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Were the US elections rigged?

Were the US elections rigged?


Many people have been saying that the elections this year were rigged.
Some say there is proof while at the moment there is no proof at all and Biden will take the win.
The media laughs at Trump for saying these claims and only time will tell the truth.

Decision Logic

If by any time until the outcome date, the world will get proof and understand that the elections were rigged, YES will win.
*The world must understand with no doubt that the elections were rigged by either court decisions or any other high authority claim that cannot be doubted.
(Donald Trump's tweets are not considered a high authority claim that cannot be doubted)

If the elections were not rigged, NO will win.

The bet will be settled 2 months after the next President of The United States will be elected, leaving time for the truth to unveil itself (If there is any proof).
*The bet will end immediately if there will be a claim by court or any other high authority that the elections were rigged beyond no reasonable doubt.

CLOSING IN2021-01-20 00:00:00

7:14AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC

12:00AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

12:00AM, Mar 20, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:19AM, Mar 20, 2021 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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d_d 10:51PM, Jan 14, 2021 UTC
does a kangaroo court count?
fritz 6:30PM, Jan 14, 2021 UTC
this bet is as rigged if not more than the election itself xD
rostrander 6:47AM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC
This is the stupidest and most poorly designed proposition on the entire website. Only an idiot would lay money on it
f84jf85hg7g 2:43AM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
What counts as fraud? There are already known cases like Ralph Thurman, Cheryl Hall, and Robert R. Lynn...
udohtu5182 7:32AM, Jan 6, 2021 UTC
I wonder how this works now, given that Trump has been proven to at least try to commit fraud (Raffensperger's tapes). Does the fraud have to be successful?
f84jf85hg7g 7:03AM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC
Does this resolve to Yes if it's proved that Trump committed fraud but it wasn't enough to win?
kvmn82 6:59PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@thor7912 again, the standard you are describing will never be met whether or not their was fraud (which it now appears there conclusively was fraud and at the same time the stabdard describedin the rules above can never be met becauze thats not how the law works
GarySpivey 7:50AM, Dec 8, 2020 UTC
What about the government, if they confirm that the certified vote number was incorrect because ballots were submitted twice does that count? what about ballots that get found that were never counted? What about a malfunction in the voting machine that gets discovered and changes the final vote count but not the election winner?
GarySpivey 7:47AM, Dec 8, 2020 UTC
What "rigged" elections are sufficient to satisfy this bet? If one mailman pleads guilty to illegally tossing ballots, does that count? If court invalidates previously counted votes bc they were submitted by people who voted twice, submitted votes after deadline, lived in other states, were dead, etc. is that sufficient to be "rigged" under this bet? If court changes certified vote count number bc of above conduct, is that "rigged" or does the election winner have to be overturned by court?
TeamColtra 4:45AM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
I have fixed the logic of this bet and posted it myself over here:
thor7912 12:47PM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
thor7912 12:47PM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
@Avalon 'beyond no reasonable doubt' - meaning no one can come and say afterwards that the court is wrong/lied/proof is fake. If the court has judged and ruled that they believe the elections were corrupted because of the evidence that was shown to them, YES will win. Again, I am not the judge here, the ones that will decide if YES or NO wins is the court/judges/any other high authority of the United States that can show the truth and prove it. If there is any proof of course... Go BIDEN
thor7912 12:43PM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
'Rigged' as - either one of the candidates has committed fraud in order to win the elections. 'Proof' as - any case of evidence that the court or any other high authority of the country can judge and say with no doubt that there was fraud committed in the elections in order to change the results. @kvmn82
kvmn82 7:03AM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
"beyond no reasonable doubt" is usually reserved for stuff like criminal prosecution which means the courts could make an official statement that they believe the election has been corrupted and there needs to be a full audit/revote ect. yet at the same time they will not pursue proving it "beyond a reasonable doubt" so this bet seems like it can only resolve one way...
Avalon 3:41AM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
Hi @thor7912 - what exactly would you define as 'rigged' and what do you define as 'proof'? This market is very likely to resolve in 'yes' if a single judge in a single municipal court finds anything (even if political or arbitrary) that one could define as 'proof'. I believe this should be cancelled so you can re-create with a proper decision logic that isn't debatable.
thor7912 12:44PM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle I think you need to improve your reading skills. I don't like repeating something that is in front of our eyes but your comment may make other people that don't know how to read like you to pass on this bet. As I stated clearly in the Decision Logic, "The world must understand with no doubt that the elections were rigged by either court decisions or any other high authority claim that cannot be doubted." I will accept evidence if the court will accept it, I am not the judge here.
Andyzzle 10:39AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
Betting on this is basically throwing your money out of the window. You state in the description that there is no "proof" as of yet but there's plenty of irrefutable evidence of statiatical impossibilities. Whether or not you'll accept it as proof is entirely up to you and you're not unbiased. No thanks. Useless bet. Donate the money instead to someone who needs it.
thor7912 8:21AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
The logic is understandable, If the world will understand beyond any doubt the the elections were rigged - YES will win. That means either by court or FBI or any other high authority that will show proof that the elections were rigged. YES will win if the elections were rigged regardless of which side has rigged it.
praine 8:04AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
Decision logic not very strong. At which point "the world" believes something and "high authority" are subject to interpretation.
vegai 8:00AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
Would you say that the only way this would be YES if Biden's side did the rigging? Or is it YES also if it will be proven that Trump's side attempted to?

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