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What will happen first? Bitcoin below $14k or over $18k

What will happen first? Bitcoin below $14k or over $18k


The game is simple, what will happen first? The "DAY PRICE" from will be above $18k or below $14k. The only price that counts is the price listed for each day when you go to Please see decision logic for details of "day price." As soon as the day price is $18,000.01 or $13,999.99 the bet will end.

Decision Logic

Each day there is listed a "day price" on when you scroll down and see "currency value" then you click "1 week" you will see a price for each day. For example. Dec 25th day price was $13,911.28 and Dec 24th was $14,157.87 and Dec 23rd was $14,619.00 - What will happen first, one of the days in the future will be $18,000.01 or higher or $13,999.99 or lower. ONLY THE DAY PRICE COUNTS

CLOSING IN2017-12-29 10:00:00

9:16PM, Dec 26, 2017 UTC

10:00AM, Dec 29, 2017 UTC

6:29PM, Jan 1, 2018 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 4:34PM, Jan 4, 2018 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0036

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "$13,999.99 or lower FIRST"

0.0036 was split between 2 bettors.
$18,000.01 or higher FIRST
# of Bets:3
$13,999.99 or lower FIRST
# of Bets:2


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JeezusChrist 4:36PM, Jan 4, 2018 UTC
12/30 Day Price was $12,640 so less than $13999.99 wins!
JeezusChrist 4:45AM, Jan 1, 2018 UTC
NO BETS after sirlanka 12/30

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