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What will Trump’s job approval rating be January 14th?

What will Trump’s job approval rating be January 14th?


Gallup Poll releases Trump’s job approval rating every Monday and his numbers have been going down lately. What will his Gallup Poll job approval rating be on Monday, January 14, 2019?

Decision Logic

The outcome will be determined by the released Gallup Poll number. If something happens that causes the poll to not be released (Trump is impeached, Gallup goes out of business, etc), this resolves as OTHER.

CLOSING IN2018-12-26 23:00:00

11:21PM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 26, 2018 UTC

11:00PM, Jan 14, 2019 UTC

RESOLVED AT 1:20PM, Jan 16, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0274

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Other"

0.02735243 was split between 1 bettors.
36% or higher
# of Bets:2
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MooseMe 4:54PM, Jan 16, 2019 UTC
The earliest notice from Gallup Polls of the change from weekly to monthly was on 12/21/18 and any bet after that date should be refunded as the outcome became known at that date. Therefore, the bet by Anonymous on Dec 24 should be refunded. This comment has been sent to the moderators.
MooseMe 1:20PM, Jan 16, 2019 UTC
The logic does not allow a Jan 15th poll number and the outcome is 'Other.'
sanko 8:04AM, Jan 16, 2019 UTC
It seems that poll results were released neither on Jan 14th nor on Jan 15th. I think it is clear "other" outcome.
Avalon 8:06AM, Jan 10, 2019 UTC
We do not see any issue with using Jan 15th numbers for the spirit of the bet, especially because Jan 15th numbers likely use Jan 14th closing metrics.
MooseMe 2:17PM, Jan 4, 2019 UTC
I don't have the time to research this. Since the betting is closed, in order to be as fair as I can, I plan to wait until the 14th to set a resolution and in this give the chance for bettors to search for any earlier statements from Gallup Poll, or possibly a moderator taking a look at this and giving input.
d_d 2:01PM, Jan 4, 2019 UTC
so far it is the earliest known announcement, but I doubt that it is possible to find any other from the previous dates.
MooseMe 12:17PM, Jan 4, 2019 UTC
@d_d If Gallup's change from weekly to monthly was indeed first announced on 12/21/18, then it would be that the logical outcome is 'Other.' I could find no date on the Gallup article. Is there a way to confirm that the date of 12/21/18 is the earliest announcement?
d_d 2:37PM, Jan 3, 2019 UTC
if one assumes that OTHER is the right outcome it became known on 12/21/2018 05:11 AM EST the last bet was made 3 days later and should be refunded, imo.
MooseMe 7:46PM, Dec 31, 2018 UTC
con't ... please see the fourth post down for the beginning of this. Once again, I apologize for this mess-up.
MooseMe 7:43PM, Dec 31, 2018 UTC
con't ... Considering that the numbers are now monthly instead of weekly and the number comes out on January 15th instead of the shown 14th, I have my doubts whether this bet should be continued or not. I'm contacting the moderators to ask them to make a decision regarding this.
MooseMe 7:39PM, Dec 31, 2018 UTC
con't ... Gallup tracking will be released on Monday, Dec. 24, 2018. Gallup will release its first presidential approval rating of 2019 on Tuesday, Jan. 15." Here's the link to the article:
MooseMe 7:36PM, Dec 31, 2018 UTC
Sorry guys ... Gallup Job Approval has been changed from weekly to monthly and next month's number doesn't come out until January 15th. Here's a quote from a Gallup article which I found for the first time today: "In January 2019, Gallup will return to using its national cross-sectional, multiday surveys as the primary vehicle for measuring presidential job approval. Starting in January, we will report presidential approval monthly rather than weekly. The final weekly average from ...

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