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Who will be the new FBI Director?

Who will be the new FBI Director?


Who will President Trump choose as the permanent acting Director of the FBI?
Your choices are:
Rudy Giuliani
Trey Gowdy
Chris Christie
Sheriff David Clarke
or some other candidate not listed.

Decision Logic

Whoever Trump chooses for Director of FBI and confirmed by a reputable news source will be the winning option. Early resolution possible. Bet will run for a full year until the outcome is known. If a replacement is not chosen by the outcome date of this bet then all the bets will be refunded. When a person has been chosen, bets placed 24 hours before the outcome is known will be refunded.

This proposition only considers Trump's official choice and not approval by senate committees.

CLOSING IN2017-06-06 04:00:00

12:16AM, May 10, 2017 UTC

4:00AM, Jun 6, 2017 UTC

3:59AM, Jun 8, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 3:39PM, Jun 8, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1079

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Other"

0.10791937 was split between 5 bettors.
Rudy Giuliani
# of Bets:0
Trey Gowdy
# of Bets:1
Chris Christie
# of Bets:0
Sheriff David Clarke
# of Bets:0
# of Bets:5


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BenCarson 12:12PM, Jun 7, 2017 UTC
You should probably close this now so people don't come swarming in to try and pick up the scraps.
pelican95 11:39PM, May 10, 2017 UTC
@protus, ah yeah, I see you meant 'confirm' as in a media source confirming who he's picked. Totally clear now though, thanks!
protus 11:15PM, May 10, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 Very true. Maybe the wording in the description seemed a little murky. I'm just going to let the bet refer to who he chooses - his official pick. And not focus on whether or not its approved through the senate. The moment a pick is announced by the Trump team and confirmed by the media to be his pick the bet will resolve. @Avalon
pelican95 10:34PM, May 10, 2017 UTC
But there'll probably be multiple days/weeks between Trump nominating someone and that person being confirmed (the nominee has to go through Senate hearings etc), so if resolution is for the confirmation and not just who Trump is gonna pick, won't people have tons of time to pile in?
protus 10:12PM, May 10, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 - I think betmoose automatically refunds late bettors. If people were betting after confirmation those would be automatically refunded. But I also wanted to set a time period of 24 hours before confirmation to be refunded - just to make it a little more fair.
pelican95 9:37PM, May 10, 2017 UTC
Wait, will bets be rejected after the nomination or after the confirmation?

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