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Who will be the new French president in 2017?

Who will be the new French president in 2017?


Who will win the next election in France?

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Who will win the next election in France

2:18PM, Feb 11, 2017 UTC

12:05AM, Apr 20, 2017 UTC

3:45PM, Apr 22, 2017 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: None of the options won.

Marine Lepen
# of Bets:0
François Fillon
# of Bets:0
Manuel Valls
# of Bets:0
Benoit Hamon
# of Bets:0
Jean Luc Mélenchon
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BenCarson 7:12PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
@Avalon this one should be a push. none of the listed options won.
pelican95 1:37AM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
@****buster: yup.
RonMexico 11:10PM, Apr 27, 2017 UTC
...So what's the story here, boys? Waiting for the LePen/Macron outcome?
praine 1:32AM, Apr 24, 2017 UTC
BenCarson 12:03AM, Apr 24, 2017 UTC
pretty hilarious that macron isn't on this list. thanks for the le pen freeroll
jpc007 6:35PM, Apr 16, 2017 UTC
Hi outcome will be known not on the 22nd neither 23rd as this is about the winner of election (7th of May) as most probably there will be a second round!
Victor 12:37AM, Apr 16, 2017 UTC
@hope How can the outcome be determined on the 22nd of April ? The first round of the election is on the 23rd and the second on the 7th of may.
BenCarson 3:36AM, Apr 14, 2017 UTC
@Zippy correct
Zippy 1:41AM, Apr 14, 2017 UTC
If the winner is not one of the 5 listed options, the bets will be refunded?
BenCarson 3:53PM, Apr 13, 2017 UTC
if you're betting on Le Pen in this market you're getting 18% ROI at best. Come here and get 100% ROI!
praine 7:10AM, Apr 7, 2017 UTC
If you bet on Le Pen you're going to lose your money in a Fillon/Le Pen run-off. It's not a free roll. Beware of that.
pelican95 2:33PM, Mar 31, 2017 UTC
The Senate is voting or whether or not to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS next week. Bet here: Also, bet early on the NBA championship winner to get a high multiplier!
jpc007 4:12PM, Mar 30, 2017 UTC
Unambiguous terms : who will be the new French president in 2017. However if nobody reaches 50% the president will only be known on the 8th of May.
jpc007 4:09PM, Mar 30, 2017 UTC
Winner of second round imho therefore to be decided after final results on the 8th oh may
pelican95 5:24AM, Mar 27, 2017 UTC
Is this only for the winner of the 1st round? The second round runoff for the presidency isn't until May 7th. Or is this just winner of the first round ?
BenCarson 6:37PM, Mar 11, 2017 UTC
If you want to bet YES on Le Pen, I'm offering 3x fixed odds over here:
kolotoure77294 9:22AM, Mar 3, 2017 UTC
This bet is almost a freeroll on Marine Le Pen because Fillon is going to drop out :D
kolotoure77294 9:20AM, Mar 3, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson It says in the comments below. All bets void and returned.
BenCarson 4:14AM, Mar 3, 2017 UTC
What happens if no one on this list wins?
kolotoure77294 6:21PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
Le Pen vs Fillon, it's an interesting bet regardless I suppose.
Avalon 6:10PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
We cannot add options to this prop. Please recreate or run with this one with potential chance to have it cancel at the end.
jpc007 11:05AM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
Sure @kolotoure
kolotoure77294 9:49AM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
What's your point? Hillary was favourite but she was also included in the bets as an option! (Unlike Macron here)
jpc007 8:21AM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
It is the difference between favorite and actual winner;-)
hope 1:17AM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
You say Macron is favorite??? Ok bit Hilary wasn't favorite???
hope 1:15AM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
jpc007 6:59PM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC
French bonds selling off ... is Lepen in the cards for run-off ? "A la Trump"?
jpc007 6:58PM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC
Will stability of the fifth Republic put in question ?
jpc007 11:28AM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC
@kolotoure77294 Yes and yes, that's why the first round is most interesting.
kolotoure77294 11:21AM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC
@jpc007 Macron is favourite, according to the oddsmakers. But you're right, the first round is very close between Macron and Fillon, while Marine Le Pen holds an advantage in the first round she is not favourite for the run off.

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