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Will Bernie Sanders be the Democratic Nominee?

Will Bernie Sanders be the Democratic Nominee?


Will Bernie come out of the Democratic National Convention as the nominee?

Decision Logic

If Bernie Sanders is chosen by the DNC to be the Democratic candidate, YES will be the winner. Multiple news sites will be used to confirm if he is chosen as the nominee.

CLOSING IN2020-02-26 05:00:00

12:29AM, Feb 27, 2019 UTC

5:00AM, Feb 26, 2020 UTC

3:55AM, Jul 18, 2020 UTC


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This bet is waiting for its outcome.

The outcome will be known in: 3 Months.
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6jarjar6 4:41PM, Apr 5, 2020 UTC
@mrhands I'll try and contact the moderators and see if I can move the outcome date back. If not I will just select the winning option in August even though the outcome date is in July.
mrhands 10:56PM, Apr 2, 2020 UTC
Democratic primary just got postponed until August -- how is that going to affect the bet?
freedom 9:05PM, Feb 23, 2020 UTC
Haha I like that multiplier
d_d 6:24PM, Feb 20, 2020 UTC
@sirlanka I would love to! Sadly it will take a few days for the international wire transfer to be completed and I won't be able to buy BTC before that...
sirlanka 2:47AM, Feb 20, 2020 UTC
@d_d then I recommend betting YES
d_d 2:29AM, Feb 20, 2020 UTC
shouldn't it be more like 50/50 ? ;)
denniswood 8:49PM, Jan 25, 2020 UTC
If you like betting on politics then checkout this bet deciding if Trump will be removed from office by the senate, its quite easily predictable.

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