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Will Bitcoin be below 38K before 31st Jan 2022?

Will Bitcoin be below 38K before 31st Jan 2022?


Will bitcoin be below USD 38K before 31st Jan 2022 or not?

Using this as a source-

Decision Logic

Yes: If Bitcoin price is below USD 38K anytime before 31st Jan 2022. Then the bet resolves in Yes.
No: If the Bitcoin price stays above USD 38K before 31st Jan 2022. Then the bet resolves in No.
We will be using Binance for reference for Bitcoin Price

CLOSING IN2022-01-22 05:00:00

2:44AM, Jan 7, 2022 UTC

5:00AM, Jan 22, 2022 UTC

5:00AM, Feb 1, 2022 UTC

RESOLVED AT 5:25AM, Feb 1, 2022 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0014

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.00138549 was split between 3 bettors.
# of Bets:3
# of Bets:1


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ScootyPoot 8:09AM, Jan 22, 2022 UTC
Ha! I thought Rittenhouse was a slam dunk! Good on ya!
Porky 3:43PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Bummer^2! Oh well, after all I won off @ScootyPoot on the Rittenhouse trial I suppose he can snarf a few more here, not to mention the JWST not blowing up. :-) Dude, bet on the Daniel Perry verdict now!!!
MrnobodylifeA 2:49PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Not automatic you need to include that in bet logic in here. I didnt added the leach otherwise it would have been mentioned in the bet logic
MrnobodylifeA 2:45PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
So yes it went below 37k on binance
MrnobodylifeA 2:45PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Sorry it did hit
MrnobodylifeA 2:44PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
According binance it didnt hit below 38k in btc/usdt.
Porky 12:49PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Regarding binance/usdt, whatever works. I have to say I'm sad to see the price plunge like this, I'd much rather win my "it'll reach $100K" bets but at least this one will offset some of my losses on those.
Porky 12:46PM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
37,756.90 according to Google right now. Is the usual 7-day antileech protection automatic on Bitcoin bets? :-)
MrnobodylifeA 10:11AM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Let me know who all invested if this is correct for me to use the source as Binance doesn’t have usd pairing so i tight will use the usdt and btc pairing. This is to the one who invested in the bet so far.
MrnobodylifeA 10:10AM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
I am using this for it
d_d 3:37AM, Jan 21, 2022 UTC
Binance doesn't have BTC/USD pair

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