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Will Bitcoin goto it's previous lows before mooning?

Will Bitcoin goto it's previous lows before mooning?


It is the belief of every crypto enthusiast that bitcoin is only going up and it is highly likely.
However there is a probability that bitcoin will test it's all time low before it starts its upward trajectory.

Decision Logic

"YES" if the price is strictly at or below Bitcoin's previous low of 2018 any point between now and Dec 15 2019 00:00 UTC, using the Coinbase exchange as the point of reference. "NO but will reach 20,000 before hitting it's 2018 low" if the price never goes below the 2018 all time low during the time period but is strictly above $20,000 at any point of time. "NO," if the price never goes below 2018 low. In case of Bitcoin fork and chain split "Bitcoin" is the most valuable bitcoin chain. If Coinbase price is unavailable, then Bitfinex price will be used. Early resolution is possible.
Leech protection:
In case of YES outcome: "YES" bets within 30 days of the "YES" outcome will be refunded.
In case if NO outcome: no refunds.

2:06AM, Sep 15, 2019 UTC

1:55AM, Dec 16, 2019 UTC

1:55AM, Dec 17, 2019 UTC


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