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Will Bitcoin hit $5,000 by Dec 31st?

Will Bitcoin hit $5,000 by Dec 31st?


Will the market value of 1 Bitcoin (BTC) meet or surpass $5,000 USD by noon (CST) on December 31st, 2017?

Decision Logic

Coinbase will be used for price verification. Early resolution possible. If bitcoin does hit $5,000 on Coinbase all bets placed 24 hours before price resolution will be refunded. "Yes" - bitcoin reaches $5,000. "No" - bitcoin does not reach $5,000.

CLOSING IN2017-10-11 08:00:00

2:33PM, Aug 12, 2017 UTC

8:00AM, Oct 11, 2017 UTC

7:59PM, Oct 13, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 8:13PM, Oct 13, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 0.2752

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.27519918 was split between 18 bettors.
# of Bets:18
# of Bets:8


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sleepingwalls 2:12AM, Oct 13, 2017 UTC
sidebet if we hit 6k before resolution
protus 2:04AM, Oct 13, 2017 UTC
@Avalon , ready to resolve.
protus 1:57PM, Oct 12, 2017 UTC
Waiting for the link from the mods to resolve. Congrats winners!
Tamis 12:34PM, Oct 12, 2017 UTC
Done ! Please resolve.
matteodem 9:47AM, Oct 12, 2017 UTC
Seafra 8:34AM, Oct 12, 2017 UTC
Bitcoin officially reached 5k today.
BenCarson 3:37PM, Sep 11, 2017 UTC
@Avalon thanks! Very much appreciated.
Avalon 7:52PM, Sep 8, 2017 UTC
@BetMoose we will reopen this proposition soon. Bettors that have placed wagers after the previous cut-off will need to re-wager if they are interested.
BenCarson 10:52PM, Sep 5, 2017 UTC
@protus yeah I don't think we should be resolving this one early when as far as I can tell there is no evidence that it actually happened. If someone has evidence that BTC traded at $5k on coinbase I would love to see it.
protus 10:04PM, Sep 5, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson , I am with you on this one. I am hesitant to resolve this as "Yes." I have never seen evidence of this having happened. I could be wrong as well. But I have not seen evidence. @Avalon
BenCarson 9:35PM, Sep 5, 2017 UTC
I don't see any evidence on coinbase that the price on coinbase ever reached $5000. Can someone please post the evidence which was used to resolve this bet?
protus 9:30PM, Sep 5, 2017 UTC
I've been asked to resolve this bet. Though, I didn't catch it at the time and never saw this happen, apparently some trades occurred at or above $5,000 on Coinbase. This would make this bet resolve as "Yes." @Avalon
thehumanfaucet 4:50PM, Aug 12, 2017 UTC

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