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Will Bitcoin reach $25,000 before 2021?

Will Bitcoin reach $25,000 before 2021?


Will Bitcoin hit USD $25,000 before 00:00 January 1st, 2021 (GMT)?

Decision Logic

YES: BITCOIN reaches $25,000 on before midnight on December 31st 2020
NO: BITCOIN does not reach $25,000 on before midnight on December 31st 2020

CLOSING IN2020-12-25 05:00:00

11:14PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC

5:00AM, Dec 25, 2020 UTC

6:38AM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 7:46PM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0938

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.09384215 was split between 18 bettors.
# of Bets:18
# of Bets:6


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420jesus 7:37PM, Dec 27, 2020 UTC
why is the bet still open ? it is misleading, it should’ve been resolved already, the wins redistributed and the amounts netted refunded.
AHamilton 5:19AM, Dec 27, 2020 UTC
]@jackgray, you put in a request to resolve early (as you should)? Good work.
420jesus 10:24AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
when will the refunds happen ?
jackgray 8:00AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
Bet will resolve YES. Bitcoin reached 25k @ 3:32 GMT 26th December 2020. Bets placed after this time will be refunded.
sircrazywizz 4:14AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
bet is over, bitcoin hit $25k
json 2:17AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
why does it say closing in 6 days, shouldn't the betting be closed already and the bet waiting to be resolved. I might not be understanding it properly but it seems unfair to remain open because i can just wait till bitcoin gets $5 away from $25k and just bet big.
jackgray 6:43PM, Dec 19, 2020 UTC
@json, affirmative, bet will resolve as Yes in that case.
json 5:04PM, Dec 19, 2020 UTC
Just to be clear, if Bitcoin were to reach $25,000 in the next week, the bet would resolve as Yes?

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