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Will Bitcoin swing 15k in 2021?

Will Bitcoin swing 15k in 2021?


On January 1st, Bitcoin is at $29-30k per coin. In the calendar year of 2021 will Bitcoin swing to $15,000 or $45,000? Will it go to neither? Maybe it will go to both!

Decision Logic

Decision will use Bitstamp exchange as the metric. Betting is time weighted for early bidding. Price must reach $15,000 or $45,000 to tally. Betting ends December, one month before 2022.

CLOSING IN2021-11-01 21:30:00

4:32AM, Jan 2, 2021 UTC

9:30PM, Nov 1, 2021 UTC

10:00AM, Dec 1, 2021 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 7:47PM, Dec 10, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0602

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Btc will hit $45,000"

0.06021956 was split between 17 bettors.
Btc will hit $45,000
# of Bets:17
Btc will hit $15,000
# of Bets:3
Btc stay between 15-45k
# of Bets:4
Btc will hit both 15k and 45k
# of Bets:8


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sirlanka 5:42AM, Oct 22, 2021 UTC
@Porky as you can see in Decision Logic Bitstamp is set as resolution source. No trade under 15k has been recorded on Bitstamp
Porky 11:38PM, Oct 21, 2021 UTC
I'm wondering how you're going to resolve today's "fat finger" on Binance, which sold BTC for $8200. (I'd bet, but that would be leechy of me at this point. :-)
jpapa 10:46PM, Oct 2, 2021 UTC
MagMMA 1:07AM, Jun 30, 2021 UTC
Jst HODL haha right :D
FreedomOfTrade 8:01PM, Feb 22, 2021 UTC
What bets were deleted @sirlanka? I want my money back if bet was changed against my favor and against the decision logic. No harsh feelings sleepingwalls but this is already heavily unprofitable for me, even thought I will probably win.
sirlanka 12:45PM, Feb 14, 2021 UTC
Lol why are bets deleted when it's 10 months left of the year? Outcome isn't known since 2 of the outcomes still are possible.
sleepingwalls 7:13PM, Feb 13, 2021 UTC
I can't close this bet because there's a chance price can dump to 15k allowing Dogiv to sweep the field.

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