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Will Bitcoin top $2400 in 2017?

Will Bitcoin top $2400 in 2017?


Will Bitcoin trade above $2400 at any point during 2017?

Some analysts have a $3,000 price target for Bitcoin this year.

Bets posted within two weeks of outcome will be refunded.

Decision Logic

If Bitcoin trades at or above $2400 at any point during 2017, the bet will resolve to "Yes."

Bet may resolve early depending on price action.


CLOSING IN2017-05-24 16:00:00

5:48PM, Mar 7, 2017 UTC

4:00PM, May 24, 2017 UTC

3:15AM, May 25, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 4:19PM, May 26, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 1.359

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

1.35883224 was split between 25 bettors.
# of Bets:25
# of Bets:3


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Avalon 3:17AM, May 25, 2017 UTC
Again another reminder to hosts to add our recommended '24-48 hours' bet return period in the case of early/known outcomes to help out those that bet early.
Avalon 3:15AM, May 25, 2017 UTC
As others have pointed out, changing the bet description is not any valid way to change the outcome determination criteria. We did not get any reports on this prop previously so will resolve according to the logic specified.
d_d 8:54PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
it was changed a while ago and was changed quite recently.
pelican95 8:16PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@sirlanka, nah, description was changed a while ago, after Evangreer's comment below. idrc its just a few bucks for me, but bets like 79d-z4's .167 early this morning were obviously placed when it was eminently clear that btc would break 2400$. It's not really in the spirit of the bet. Anyways, like a 24 hour refund period seems fair @79d-z4, it isn't advantageous to the host. He has .005 in this on yes, but he'll make more off hosting commission if the bets aren't refunded.
tdeezi 7:38PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
the description was changed yesterday... and it doesn't even matter that it was changed because the decision logic remains unchanged... no refunds.. dumb host
sirlanka 7:28PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
And if you see someone have important info in description but not in decision logic you should report these bets since description can be edited but not decision logic. I've done it with other bets and I would have done it with this one if I had seen the edit.
sirlanka 7:17PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Also. I suspect the desription was changed today. Either that or both me and everyone else missed the edit.
sirlanka 7:15PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Like I said in my first post, big rule changes can't be made after people have started betting (unless it's clearly explained site policy in the FAQ. I think a 24 hour rule should be introduced). And Admin will most likely not accept this change since they want to keep the credibility of the site.
79d-z4 6:29PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
I bet both before and after the change, I did not notice the change, why are there not better notifications for such things, better verification? Even in this moment, I still don't know if the change to decision logic was approved. I understand that there are winners who would prefer to not have their winnings diluted, but the underlying matter is more significant than one bet, for me at least, if I were to continue betting here.
79d-z4 6:27PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Obviously some typos back there: "Not a matter of whether or not I read it, but its underlying validity"
79d-z4 6:26PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Point being that if rules are changed arbitrarily, in ways that are advantageous to those hosting the bet, with little accountability, clear notice, verification of approval, etc, it undermines the confidence in the platform.
79d-z4 6:25PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 Not a matter of whether or not a read it, but it's underlying validity.
tdeezi 6:17PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
resolve this.
d_d 5:54PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
sanko said:This time I read only decision logic section before betting. same here/
pelican95 5:41PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@79d-z4, it's pretty hard to believe you didn't read the refund notice because it was in the description box. its not exactly hidden in fine print.
RonMexico 5:36PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@79d-z4 The bet's been open since March. Obviously it's dumb to edit win conditions later on, but it's plenty fair to have a 2 week refund period. And yes, I'm saying that because I'm outside the refund period.
79d-z4 5:06PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Also sanko's second point that matters of decision logic should be in the decision logic section, and ultimately aspects of the bet that would invalidate certain bets are matters of decision logic.
79d-z4 5:03PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Additionally, Evanageer was obviously incentivised to make such a change in a manner that could be deemed unfair because after becoming confident that the number of "no" bets would most likely not increase after a certain price point, all further bets were diluting his winnings, as he himself had a "yes" bet on the table.
79d-z4 5:02PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
It's pretty messy that there seems no authentication for such revisions, no overt moderator sign-off indicator, and no history of edits to see what changed and when. Also, an edit with a time period of two weeks is tricky in principle because it could have theoretically affected already submitted bets.
79d-z4 4:48PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Also curious about Sanko's question down there.
79d-z4 4:47PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
$2,428.07 right now on coindesk. That's a wrap.
sanko 4:21PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 This time I read only decision logic section before betting. Betmoose rules say: "The host can change the description and picture at any time. Any other information can be changed with the approval of a BetMoose moderator and the change will be outlined in the comments." So if you want to change decision logic, you must get approval of a BetMoose moderator. Did you get it?
pelican95 3:45PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Refund period deets were added 20 days ago, so really any bets subject to a refund at this point were placed with knowledge of the 2 week period
sirlanka 3:24PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@sanko agreed
sanko 3:16PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
Just seen this "Bets posted within two weeks of outcome will be refunded." in Description section and read comments. WTF? @Evangreer You think you may change rules after market creation yourself? I do not think it is fair. If you wanted this you should ask admin.
d_d 1:13PM, May 24, 2017 UTC
USD 5.35% $2,414.03 it just happened.
Evanagreer 10:43PM, May 4, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 language added
sirlanka 5:37PM, May 4, 2017 UTC
Yes. These bets should be created with deadline period
pelican95 2:58PM, May 4, 2017 UTC
Fair enough, you see my point tho?
sirlanka 9:10AM, May 4, 2017 UTC

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