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Will congress pass regulations on social media in 2021?

Will congress pass regulations on social media in 2021?


Following the attacks in D.C., social media companies have drawn renewed scrutiny over their role in spreading misinformation and extremism. Republicans, including President Donald Trump, are calling for the protections given to these companies by Section 230 to be repealed, however Democrats remain skeptical, with some seeing the rules as foundational to the existence of the web, and these companies, as we know it. Change may come, but in what form? Will Republicans be successful in their wishes for a total repealing of the law, opening up social media companies to lawsuits based on the content they host? Or will Democrats hold out, passing legislation that merely reforms the law? Or will a Washington logjam rule the day once more?

Decision Logic

The decision resolves as NO if:
Congress passes no law regulating social media in 2021.
Congress passes law(s) regulating social media in 2021, but retains the core provisions of Section 230 that protect these companies from lawsuits based on content they host.
One house of congress passes such a law in 2021, but not the other.

This decision yesolves as YES if:
Both houses of congress pass laws repealing the core provisions of section 230 in 2021.
The president does not need to sign any bill into law in order for this bet to resolve YES.

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4:17PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC

8:00AM, Dec 10, 2021 UTC

4:55AM, Jan 1, 2022 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:37PM, Jan 2, 2022 UTC

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