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Will Congress Vote to Impeach Donald Trump?

Will Congress Vote to Impeach Donald Trump?


US President Donald Trump is being accused of obstruction of justice for having told Comey, while he was FBI director, to stop investigating Michael Flynn, who was National Security Adviser at that time.
Michael Flynn had been accused of having unethical ties with Russia.
Now Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director, has been appointed as Special Counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections.
Will Congress vote to impeach Trump?

Decision Logic

The bet resolves as Yes if the House of Representatives holds an official vote to impeach Donald Trump for any reason, regardless of the result of the vote.
It doesn't matter if the Senate later reverses a successful impeachment vote.
All bets placed later than two weeks before an official vote to impeach Donald Trump will be refunded.
The bet resolves as No if no impeachment vote occurs.

CLOSING IN2018-05-17 23:25:00

11:22PM, May 17, 2017 UTC

11:25PM, May 17, 2018 UTC

11:55PM, May 17, 2018 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:14AM, May 18, 2018 UTC

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This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

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d_d 8:36AM, Apr 22, 2018 UTC
it is probably a good time to start this bet again.
BenCarson 2:28AM, Aug 19, 2017 UTC
Y'all might like this too:
BenCarson 12:48AM, Jun 19, 2017 UTC
In a similar vein, y'all might want to check this out:

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