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Will Courts Reverse 2020 Presidential Election EXTENDED

Will Courts Reverse 2020 Presidential Election EXTENDED



Joe Biden has been declared president elect by the media. He has won PA, it looks like he won GA, and other swing states. Do you think the courts will reverse vote counts to the point that Donald Trump remains president?

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This bet may look familiar, I created another bet with a similar name but set the close date to be further away from the date. This one closes the day the Electoral College votes. Please note the decision logic is slightly changed.

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Decision Logic


Currently Joe Biden is the presumptive President-Elect. If through decisions by courts, the vote counts get changed to the degree that Donald Trump actually wins the presidency by flipping enough previously called states... then YES will win.


In all cases where YES does not win, NO wins.


This bet will be closed December 14th and the outcome will reveal on January 6th when the senate reads the results of the electoral college.

CLOSING IN2020-12-14 18:45:00

6:07PM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC

6:45PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC

6:48PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 8:53AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.2119

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.21185977 was split between 7 bettors.
# of Bets:9
# of Bets:7


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Avalon 8:47PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra in the future, you do not need to report an early resolution unless you wish to request an early outcome. The props close automatically at the deadline.
Avalon 8:46PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle - we made an error in putting in an 'early resolution' to close the deadline as requested by the host, however, this does not have any practical implication as like you said, the deadline would have been closed anyway, and nothing is resolving until the 6/7th as stated.
TeamColtra 6:25PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
I don't know the backend of BetMoose, what i do know is that this bets outcome is known. However, both myself and BetMoose agree to hold off on disbursement until January 6th.
TeamColtra 6:23PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Dude, chill your jets... The bet isn't resolved until later, i put in a request locking betting on this before the deadline. I'm guessing the other dot moves up when they approve my request. I'm following the decision logic. In the meantime
Andyzzle 6:02PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC @TeamColtra Betting was already set to end on December 14th before your change. Gray square. You moved up the red square, not the gray one. Red square is when the bet is resolved. You tried calling this bet early and screwing people over like you did in the other bet but got caught. Scam Artist!
TeamColtra 5:53PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
That's the rules of this website, you cannot accept bets after the outcome is known. The outcome is known, I'll wait to resolve as per the decision logic but i can't accept new bets due to the rules of the site (and good faith to the bettors).
Andyzzle 6:49AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
*from the 7th to the 14th
Andyzzle 6:49AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra So the date moved up from the 14th to the 7th by itself? Betting would've stopped on the 14th one way or another. You're a scam artist.
TeamColtra 2:17AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
The only thing is I believe that the bet is now "fulfilled" and allowing further bets dilutes the NO and that's not fair to those betters (I'm not sure if I am in this bet or not). I would do the same if the roles were reversed. I do very much care about @Andyzzle 's position and I want to make sure everyone feels this bet is fair.
TeamColtra 2:15AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
As @Avalon has stated, I closed the bets to further bets. They have unlocked my ability to close the bet, but I am not doing it because the terms of this bet are slightly different than the terms of the other bet. I will not do anything until January 7th as I had stated in the DL. I am open about my beliefs and positions, but more important than my beliefs are running fair bets so you guys feel comfortable giving me more cash in the future ;) Since I make money on bet volume, it makes sense.
Andyzzle 10:03PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@Avalon my point is that the "outcome determined" date used to be Jan 7th until TeamColtra moved it up to Dec 14th today - therefore defying his own logic that he himself set. Proof: Hence why I don't think he's impartial. Neither here, nor in the other bet that you guys decided to end prematurely.
Avalon 7:50PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle No, this logic clearly reads "outcome will reveal on January 6th when the senate reads the results of the electoral college." The bet was closed as the host requested to prevent further wagers (deadline date) however, it does not need to resolve today (outcome date). There is a difference.
Andyzzle 7:47PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@Avalon Thank you. This is precisely why I don't think TeamColtra is Impartial and why you resolved the other bet falsely. Apparently the specified decision logic doesn't matter.
Avalon 7:25PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle this one is more clear and we will hold payout until January 7th, as per the decision logic.
Andyzzle 7:00PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@Avalon We have an issue here too. @TeamColtra is changing the rules of the bet and apparently stopped being impartial. Can you reset the Resolution date to Jan 6th, as the Additional Info on the bet explicitly states?
Andyzzle 6:55PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra why did you move the date up? Your own additional Info literally says "This bet will be closed December 14th and the outcome will reveal on JANUARY 6TH when the senate reads the results of the electoral college." "When the senate reads the results" You are resolving prematurely and you're going against your own Rules. I'm reporting this.
Andyzzle 8:05AM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra Major props for waiting for the results to be official before resolving the bet.

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