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Will Donald Tramp Save America This Year, 2021? final*

Will Donald Tramp Save America This Year, 2021? final*


Will Donald Trump Save America and become president before 12/31/2021?
In passing the Act of 1871, the Congress created a completely new document - the Constitution for the government of Washington, DC, an embedded government, not a popular government.
Or is it all Theory? Anything can be...
Or maybe it's like a game of chess and Trump has a plan of action and a "trump card in the sleeve." Perhaps America will return to the people as a constitutional republic? Or will the military take power in the country and become an interim government?
This rate is with a long term so that it is clear who will eventually be president.
But don't worry - if the event happens before the specified time, the market will be settled!

Decision Logic

Option "Yes": Donald Trump Saved America, returned the presidency and became president until 12/31/2021.
It can also be a trustee and candidate from Trump.
If you get two leaders of the nation - one of them is Donald Trump or his candidate.
Option "No": Donald Trump did not Save America and did not become president until 12/31/2021. Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party runs the country.
If any ambiguity or uncertainty arises, I will notify the Betmoose administration and await further official announcements or court decisions.
This year we will find out for sure!
Let's check it out, this will be a truly significant event!
Let's see, are you ready?
Let's start, join us!

CLOSING IN2021-12-31 21:00:00

9:08PM, Jan 26, 2021 UTC

9:00PM, Dec 31, 2021 UTC

9:00PM, Jan 1, 2022 UTC

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MagMMA 1:09AM, Jun 30, 2021 UTC
This outcome will be interesting, bookmarking.
f84jf85hg7g 4:21AM, Feb 23, 2021 UTC
The United States already is a constitutional republic...
PaP 9:10PM, Jan 26, 2021 UTC
Greetings to all participants! Treat each other with respect and do not get personal insults or reproaches. Share your opinions, thoughts, discuss situations and joke!

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