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Will Donald Trump be President by March 20th?

Will Donald Trump be President by March 20th?


Will Donald Trump become President at any time again before March 20th?

Decision Logic

This will resolve as Yes if Donald J. Trump will become President by March 20th. Additionally, if the Supreme Court rules before March 20th that, due to widespread fraud in the 2020 election, that Donald Trump is the rightful President, or if it is acknowledged by the major networks that the Biden inauguration was a huge scam and it was all filmed using green screens, and Donald Trump is in fact the one and true President, this will resolve as a resounding yes.

CLOSING IN2021-03-20 14:30:00

4:30PM, Jan 25, 2021 UTC

2:30PM, Mar 20, 2021 UTC

12:30AM, Mar 21, 2021 UTC

Offered Volume: 3.210
Backed Volume: 1.920

*does not include 3% fee

No offers available on this option

*does not include 3% fee

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Expected Payout
1:25PM, Feb 15, 2021 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.005 18.41x 0.08928850
2:16PM, Feb 14, 2021 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.005 18.41x 0.08928850
3:13PM, Feb 11, 2021 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.01 18.41x 0.17857700
11:05PM, Feb 4, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.5 1.02x 0.51000000
7:27PM, Feb 3, 2021 UTC leen93 No 0.745 1.04x 0.75155600
8:15AM, Jan 29, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 1.04x 0.00504400
4:42AM, Jan 29, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.6 1.05x 0.61110000
3:16AM, Jan 29, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02 18.31x 0.35521400
4:04AM, Jan 27, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 2.62x 0.01270700
6:04PM, Jan 26, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02 15.00x 0.29100000
9:12PM, Jan 25, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 10.00x 0.04850000


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McBryde 10:00AM, Feb 10, 2021 UTC
@cryptoman - Thank you for clarification. (What I was wondering was where the money comes from to those who bet on YES if they win, if people can't bet NO? But I see 5 have placed bets on NO, so I assume they use the Offer Odds (Lay) option, which you described.)
oracleon 3:44AM, Feb 9, 2021 UTC
cryptoman 9:33AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
about "Offer Odds (Lay)" - please note that it is supposed to be used to OFFER "odds & volume" on a event. As clearly stated on the "?" symbol : "By laying a bet, you win when the option you choose does NOT happen".
cryptoman 9:28AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
about 20th March, it looks like 20th March included to me.
cryptoman 9:27AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
as a newbie, the first thing to do is to read carefully the FAQ, so that possible misunderstanding will be cleared out before placing money. "no offers available" on NO means that there is no offered volume & odds on NO event at the moment, therefore is not possible to place a bet on NO at the moment.
McBryde 9:19AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
And, I assume, 'by 20th' does include the 20th [which I think was the old inauguration day??]
McBryde 9:18AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
Does this bet work? I have been intending to bet on it, but I'm put off by the text in the red box [no offers available on this option] - as if a bet for YES won't be matched....? Can anyone help a newbie?
cryptoman 8:59AM, Feb 5, 2021 UTC
1.03x on NO, anyone ? Several reliable alternative truth sources indicate that Trump will be back on 4th March.

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