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Will Donald Trump be re-elected president in 2020?

Will Donald Trump be re-elected president in 2020?


Will Donald Trump win re-election in 2020 to remain president? This is the final stretch. The earlier you bet the better the payout will be as this is a time multiplier proposition

Decision Logic

Betting on YES means that you believe Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020

Betting on NO means he was unable to win for any reason which would include any, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Being challenged and losing during the primaries
  • Resigning from or being removed from the presidency
  • Losing the general election in 2020
  • Death

Early resolution is possible

CLOSING IN2020-08-20 11:20:00

4:33AM, Jan 2, 2020 UTC

11:20AM, Aug 20, 2020 UTC

11:20AM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:32PM, Nov 7, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 5.699

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

5.6989159 was split between 43 bettors.
# of Bets:51
# of Bets:43


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PoorSnowflake 4:37PM, Dec 20, 2020 UTC
@jamieben @Guedez I would like to create another proposition: Will jamieben and Guedez still be a delusional trump cult member in in 2021? ...but too many people would bet on yes... I wouldn't be getting the right odds... Thank you for your btc suckers
Guedez 2:20PM, Dec 20, 2020 UTC
@Avalon That didn't happen yet, I hope the website have money to pay everyone twice
Avalon 5:59AM, Dec 20, 2020 UTC
@Guedez Pence cannot 'straight up say' that. In addition, even if in theory that happens, that does not change the outcome that Biden has been chosen the elected president.
PoorSnowflake 7:03PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@Guedez @jamieben ...oh and thank-you for your bitcoin... I don't like taking advantage of stupid people but I make an exception for trumpanzee supporters... So the only thing better than taking your bitcoins is... ...taking your bitcoin as bitcoin reaches all time highs... so thank-you... snowflakes
PoorSnowflake 7:00PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@Guedez @jamieben Geez... You poor poor snowflakes... but.. but... but... the orange clown was supposed to win... no... he didn't... get over it.... move on with your life... He lost... You lost... suck on it... That is all
Guedez 6:15PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@BetMoose @Avalon Why are this being resolved? Pence can straight up say 'I won't count either' or 'I count the republican electoral votes'. This is nowhere near done
jamieben 12:01PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
Trump will be re-elected. What will Betmoose do then?
Avalon 8:17PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@Glider no reason, simply missed this one. Please tag @BetMoose or @Avalon or send an email if there are other props you believe can be resolved now. Thank you!
Glider 7:18AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
The following proposition was paid out today: The above proposition has the same logic as this one but this proposition has not been paid out yet. @Avalon is there a reason for this?
Guedez 9:03PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
Sorry, the video is not actually new, just went viral recently
Guedez 6:10PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC Not even CNN can say Trump can't win anymore. According to CNN, this constitutional trick would pan out at about jan 6th when the EC votes are tallied by the congress.
Mikey-Tarot 5:48PM, Nov 24, 2020 UTC
Mikey-Tarot 12:35AM, Nov 18, 2020 UTC
So how many other trained Remote Viewers use this site? Just curious. hahahah
Pheenixm 4:16PM, Nov 16, 2020 UTC
@PoorSnowflake Moreover, you sound awful nervous for someone who has already "won" ;)
Pheenixm 4:15PM, Nov 16, 2020 UTC
@PoorSnowflake The difference between my proposition and yours is that I can actually back mine up via statistical analysis and publicly available evidence. When I take YOUR money and President Trump remains in office, maybe you'll actually take the time to educate yourself on something called "Benford's Law" and its utility in detecting fraud. I suspect you'll continue to watch CNN, ignorant of how easy it is to pull the data yourself from the open Edison endpoints at the NYT website.
Guedez 1:04PM, Nov 15, 2020 UTC
You should get yourself informed, the election process takes way longer than counting votes November 3 and calling a winner. It just so happens that you got used to the one who got less votes giving up at the very beginning of the election process and thus giving the victory to the other before ANY of it is even close to over.
Mikey-Tarot 2:26AM, Nov 15, 2020 UTC
There is nothing in the rules about tyrannically seizing another term. He did not get 270. By a lot. There is no reason for this to still be unresolved. Of course he contested it. He lost! lmao That doesn't mean he WON because he was mad that he LOST so he contested his LOSS to make it a second term. lol That is seizing the presidency, not winning it. Gimme my dang nazi gold lol
Guedez 1:47PM, Nov 14, 2020 UTC
Because the election process is not over and Trump contested the results.
Mikey-Tarot 9:09PM, Nov 13, 2020 UTC
How is this still not resolved??
Guedez 6:10PM, Nov 12, 2020 UTC
@PoorSnowflake Now that's a interesting argument, I don't know nearly enough to know if getting the win by the house delegations is 'winning the election' according to the constitution, or even what is what decides 'according to what' is 'winning the election' defined by.
PoorSnowflake 4:18AM, Nov 12, 2020 UTC
It should also be noted that Biden doesn't need to be declared the winner of the election. This proposition is solely focused on whether Trump was able to win re-election. If neither candidate has 270 certified electoral votes, this proposition would have an outcome of NO since only Trump would be required to reach 270 for the outcome to be YES according to the logic of this proposition
Guedez 5:09PM, Nov 11, 2020 UTC
@PoorSnowflake >Biden IS the president elect He is not, none of the states certified the results to either side. The media does not call elections
PoorSnowflake 5:37AM, Nov 11, 2020 UTC
@Pheenixm The Democrats won Texas due to massive voter suppression. My claim is as valid as yours. Biden IS the president elect whether you like it or not. trump is gonna be tossed out whether you like it or now, and perhaps I'll set up another proposition predicting that he will be indicted on new charges within 6 months of him leaving office just so I can take more money from you
Pheenixm 3:03PM, Nov 10, 2020 UTC
@PoorSnowflake Consider that massive voter fraud apparently occurred and that many votes will likely be thrown out for being illegal, he WAS elected President in 2020.
PoorSnowflake 11:46PM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
Just to be clear, the title says "Will Donald Trump be elected president in 2020?" It doesn't say Will Trump litigate his way through courts that he stacked to become president. The outcome of this proposition should be settled. The voting done by the electors on December 15th is nothing more than a formality
Pheenixm 4:13PM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
Yall shouldn't trust this guy to host your bets, he resolves them early and requires moderator intervention
Guedez 2:47PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
I think this one was called by the host, the moderators seem to be aware of how elections work and are waiting for an official resolution rather than letting the msm decide the winner
jamieben 9:27AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Very disappointing if Betmoose starts calling the election OVER as I believe it has been fixed and that Trump will STILL win. All payments should be suspended until it is officially declared and not just what the media decides.

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