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Will Donald Trump mention bitcoin in 2017?

Will Donald Trump mention bitcoin in 2017?


Will Donald Trump publicly mention bitcoin in any way via interview, social media, twitter, speech, etc?

Decision Logic

If Donald Trump mentions bitcoin in any way via any type of public platform then the bet resolves as a "yes." If he does not mention bitcoin in any way then the bet resolves as "no." He must say the word. Confirmation comes from a video source, his social media page, news source, article, etc. Early resolution is possible

CLOSING IN2017-10-01 21:00:00

4:36PM, Dec 12, 2016 UTC

9:00PM, Oct 1, 2017 UTC

9:55AM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:03PM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC

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This bet has been forwarded to our moderators and will be resolved soon!

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ggriso 2:46PM, Dec 14, 2017 UTC
Ok, maybe next time have to read better, but over the rules of a prediction site there is first the logic, if you name a bet "over 2017" but actually you don't consider quite 18 days. gg to all.
BenCarson 2:30AM, Dec 14, 2017 UTC
@ggriso the timeline, including the outcome date, has always been displayed and was visible when you placed your bet. Sorry if you bet without reading the timeline but it was there.
protus 4:45PM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC
Bets can only run for a year. This bet was created December 12, 2016 and so today makes the full year mark. @ggriso Sorry for the confusion
ggriso 3:17PM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC
Why it has already solved? 2017 is not finished yet. at least not in Europe!
Inconceivable 10:11AM, May 24, 2017 UTC
@protus thanks for the clarification
floyd25 11:45PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
protus 9:06PM, Mar 29, 2017 UTC
Yes, @Inconceivable , sorry if that was unclear. I mean if it its mentioned by any means, written or spoken.
Inconceivable 5:27AM, Mar 26, 2017 UTC
When you say, "Says the word," you mean, "Writes the word via tweet," is acceptable, right?
lonewolf13 12:53AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
Will donald trump truly end Obamacare in 2017?
lewren 7:06PM, Dec 14, 2016 UTC
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