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Will Giuliani be disbarred by end of June 2021?

Will Giuliani be disbarred by end of June 2021?


Over the past year several people have called for Giuliani to be disbarred.
Before becoming Trump's personal attorney, he had not practiced law for nearly 30 years . His arguments defending Trump have been criticized, called incoherent.

  • Giuliani called for "trial by combat" speaking to pro-Trump supporters at the "Stop the Steal Rally" hours before the violent storming of the Capitol on Jan 06.




Decision Logic

Yes : Giuliani gets disbarred by New York Bar Association by June 30 2021.

No: Giuliani keep his license to practice law from the New York Bar Association

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fin 11:17PM, Jun 27, 2021 UTC
@GarySpivey thanks for the updates
GarySpivey 7:46PM, Jun 25, 2021 UTC
GarySpivey 6:08PM, Jun 24, 2021 UTC
Disbarment is quite rare: in 2011, only 1,046 lawyers were disbarred.[2] Instead, lawyers are usually sanctioned by their own clients through civil malpractice proceedings, or via fine, censure, suspension, or other punishments from the disciplinary boards. To be disbarred is considered a great embarrassment and shame, even if one no longer wishes to pursue a career in the law.
GarySpivey 4:05PM, Jun 24, 2021 UTC
The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court said Thursday it was "immediately suspending" Giuliani's license -- although it is an interim suspension, so he will have an opportunity for reinstatement. - NOTE - this is not the same as being disbarred.
MooseMe 5:51PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC
Yesterday - an article about the NY Bar edging towards this. Pretty sure-fire thing by June 1st, but betters will pile on as the news thickens. I won't bet b/c my BTC can be put to better use elsewhere.
fin 2:22AM, Nov 23, 2020 UTC
no problem!
Ubuntanda 11:57PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@fin Yes. The variables of today's developing events seem to be expanding and accelerating exponentially and it must be difficult to figure the best timing and parameters for a bet. Upon a second look at my below post, I shouldn't have been so critical of your well-done bet. It was that I was frustrated at not finding what I wanted across the bets and I ended up taking it out on you. Pls forgive.
fin 4:35PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Ubuntanda Thanks for the feedback! On this & the Jan21 bet. I'm learning how to host bets , most of my attempts have failed lol. I gotta work on timing, my Tokyo2021 bet is set to end 4 months before the projected outcome. That was probably too early.
Ubuntanda 5:03AM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Great bet! I'd place .02 BTC on this tonight if the betting had been set to end earlier. As it stands, the odds will be much clearer by June 2, and late betters will have been piling on with the benefit of new knowledge. Of course the 7-day rule and time multiplier help, but there'll be such a vast difference of knowledge of the likely outcome by later dates that, for now, I'll only watch this and consider possibly betting later.

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