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Will Hunter Biden be charged in the next 6 months?

Will Hunter Biden be charged in the next 6 months?


Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden has forgotten his laptops in a local repair shop. Since he has not payed for the repair, they have received full ownership of the laptops by court. When they opened the laptops they found photos of Hunter along with many drugs and also videos of him and others engaging in sex.
The most important findings in there were money transfers and emails from Ukraine, Russia and China that can tell that he and his father are corrupted.

Decision Logic

If the United States of America or any other country will charge Hunter Biden for any criminal activity in the next 6 months, YES will win.
If he will not be charged, NO will win.

CLOSING IN2021-02-28 23:55:00

10:57AM, Nov 17, 2020 UTC

11:55PM, Feb 28, 2021 UTC

11:55PM, May 17, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:39AM, May 19, 2021 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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MooseMe 5:51AM, Nov 20, 2020 UTC
Yeah. Hunter left incriminating laptops all over the place. The raccoons dragged one of them out of the next door nail salon's trash. I shipped it off to Tucker Carlson, but it got lost in the mail.

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