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Will India suffer a 9 or plus ritcher scale eartquake?

Will India suffer a 9 or plus ritcher scale eartquake?


The Indian tectonic plate is moving about 5 cm every year leading to accumulation of stress.
Will this be the year they get the big one?

Decision Logic

If there is a earthquake in the Indian territory that registers 9 or plus in the ritcher scale before midnight 01/01/2024 the bet favors YES if it happens in a border with a neighboring country as far as the epicenter isn't more than 50km from the border it counts as YES.
Otherwise, if the earthquake is 8.9 or the epicenter happens at 51+ kilometers from Indian borders it favors NO

CLOSING IN2023-12-24 23:00:00

5:07AM, Mar 28, 2023 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 24, 2023 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 31, 2023 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:27AM, Jan 7, 2024 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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Golhoneybadger 10:28AM, Jan 7, 2024 UTC
those damn tectonic gnomes insiders got me again! :(
Porky 11:03PM, Jan 2, 2024 UTC
Well damn, I won. :-(
Golhoneybadger 2:54PM, Dec 19, 2023 UTC
its so over guys lol
TheDeepBlue 10:29PM, May 25, 2023 UTC
Bro has insider knowledge from the tectonic plates
Porky 10:00PM, May 25, 2023 UTC
@dogiv I'm not betting on the side of humanity, I'm just betting the odds. If I lose, I lose. Come on big quake! Prove me wrong! :-)
dogiv 3:59AM, May 23, 2023 UTC
Nice! I love a bet on a concrete topic that is relevant to real people. Magnitude 9 quakes have occured only 5 times in recorded history, none of them in India: So I think this is unlikely. And for once I am betting on the side of humanity so I really hope I win!
leen93 2:04AM, Apr 26, 2023 UTC
Golhoneybadger I see you are betting yes Are you interested in doing a 50/50 bet with me with fixed odds? if so whatsapp me at +19707148814 and I'll post a new bet on betmoose with fixed odds

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