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Will Joe Biden be the Democratic Nominee?

Will Joe Biden be the Democratic Nominee?


Will Biden come out of the Democratic National Convention as the nominee?

Decision Logic

If Joe Biden is chosen by the DNC to be the Democratic candidate, YES will be the winner. Multiple news sites will be used to confirm if he is chosen as the nominee.

CLOSING IN2020-04-07 04:00:00

3:03AM, May 18, 2019 UTC

4:00AM, Apr 7, 2020 UTC

11:07PM, Apr 12, 2020 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:10PM, Apr 13, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 2.764

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

2.76393035 was split between 50 bettors.
# of Bets:50
# of Bets:40


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inanity 5:04PM, Aug 20, 2020 UTC
can we get resolution here please? @Avalon (sorry if i'm doing this wrong)
rtflsna 3:38PM, Jun 13, 2020 UTC
@jamieben interesting. Yes if bovada still has the prop open it should be open here. fine!
jamieben 6:53PM, Jun 11, 2020 UTC
The Nomination isn't decided until the Conference in August when Hillary will be selected.
rtflsna 3:03PM, Jun 11, 2020 UTC
this should be paid now ..
6jarjar6 6:21PM, Apr 23, 2020 UTC
Thank you Avalon
Avalon 10:11PM, Apr 21, 2020 UTC
As others have pointed out, this prop will not yet be resolved, however, we will leave it closed to prevent late leeching as the circumstances have now changed. Please re-create a new proposition if you would like to have last-minute wagers on the outcomes.
jamieben 6:38AM, Apr 21, 2020 UTC
6jarjar6 : Thanks for the update.
6jarjar6 6:22PM, Apr 20, 2020 UTC
I tried to get the outcome date pushed back but the outcome date was moved up for some reason. Some good news is that a moderator is holding out the confirmation of the result, hopefully till after the convention.
jamieben 3:29PM, Apr 16, 2020 UTC
I think this should be frozen and the lucky YES voters who have been refunded will be saved when Hillary is selected.
d_d 5:40AM, Apr 15, 2020 UTC
According to Betmoose there is ~ 10% probability that Hillary Clinton will be the eventual Democratic nominee. It is too early to completely discard surprise scenarios. This prop should probably stay unresolved till August to avoid leeching.
4dniner 3:21AM, Apr 15, 2020 UTC
So between 6jarjar6 and a moderator they decided to move up the date. This means I would win this bet. I still would rather wait for the convention. I think I'm gonna win anyway but this is ****ed.
6jarjar6 6:00PM, Apr 14, 2020 UTC
A moderator chose to set the bet to resolve early instead of pushing the date back.
jamieben 8:32PM, Apr 13, 2020 UTC
Joe Biden HAS NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY chosen by the DNC. Where are the multiple news sites to confirm this?
Zarathustra 6:58PM, Apr 13, 2020 UTC
I agree. Biden was still not voted in by the delegates at the convention. He is for now only a candidate.
6jarjar6 4:45PM, Apr 5, 2020 UTC
I notified the moderators to push back the outcome date. Since the DNC has been postponed till August.

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