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Will Kyle Rittenhouse be Found Guilty of Homicide?

Will Kyle Rittenhouse be Found Guilty of Homicide?


Will Kyle Rittenhouse be found guilty of homicide?

Decision Logic

If Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty of any of these three charges first-degree intentional homicide, attempted homicide, reckless homicide the bet resolve as yes. The bet will resolve early if the trial is finished before the betting deadline.

CLOSING IN2021-11-19 05:00:00

7:01AM, Feb 18, 2021 UTC

5:00AM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC

7:59PM, Dec 10, 2021 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 5:51PM, Dec 13, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0616

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.06163929 was split between 19 bettors.
# of Bets:6
# of Bets:19


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Avalon 6:18PM, Jan 24, 2022 UTC
@radiowall please email support, all payouts should now be processed
radiowall 7:28PM, Jan 1, 2022 UTC
Have all the payouts been sent? Mine doesn't seem to be sent. 1Jcur9Q92cNPJFuHZGnDjZW6bDRGZV***V
Avalon 7:58PM, Dec 10, 2021 UTC
Everything is fine :) sorry for the wait folks
SquibblyPenbis 8:58AM, Dec 5, 2021 UTC
It's been around 3 weeks now that the verdict has been out. Does anyone know why there has been a delay in closing out this bet?
Porky 11:52PM, Nov 21, 2021 UTC
@6jarjar6 Just wanted to say thanks for creating this bet. :-)
6jarjar6 11:09PM, Nov 20, 2021 UTC
The moderators will refund and void the bets after the bet outcome was known. Just waiting on them to close.
6jarjar6 11:08PM, Nov 20, 2021 UTC
@Porky you are completely correct
Porky 6:01AM, Nov 20, 2021 UTC
I guess the "resolve early" thing has to be done manually by the admins. I've been on two bets where they had to do it, and both times they reversed bets made after the resolution (and also bets made within the leech period before the resolution). Took a few days.
AvgAlcoholic 1:17AM, Nov 20, 2021 UTC
Anyway to make this resolve/payout sooner? Feb. 18th..... lol
SquibblyPenbis 10:32PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
My second bet really was just to test the system. Was confused why bets were still able to be placed when the verdict was out.
Porky 9:01PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
@hope2win for that matter, I don't know that his last one was late -- I have no idea what time the verdict was announced, and the timezones are confusing. :-(
Porky 8:59PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
@hope2win note that it's only SP's most recent bet that is late; he had another bet (or bets maybe) earlier that were valid.
hope2win 8:18PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
Verdict is already known. Squibbly Penbis or anyone after him don't count as thet placed their bets after the verdict was announced
6jarjar6 7:07PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
Reported as outcome is known
Porky 12:21AM, Nov 18, 2021 UTC
@ScootyPoot Any day. :-)
ScootyPoot 10:18PM, Nov 17, 2021 UTC
Any minute.....
Porky 5:21AM, Nov 17, 2021 UTC
@Mabuiutushi turns out you just go to your profile and click on the empty box wtih the default m00se silhouette. They should add it to the FAQ. Man, @ScootyPoot is gonna clean up if this jury goes the wrong way.
YeAreFilth 11:21PM, Nov 16, 2021 UTC
Mabuiutushi 2:08AM, Nov 9, 2021 UTC
@Porky I forgot how I did it haha
Porky 11:44AM, Nov 7, 2021 UTC
Found it! Yay!
Porky 2:45AM, Nov 7, 2021 UTC
@Mabuiutushi Здравствуйте, Frogposter! How do you set an avatar anyway?

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