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Will Marc-Andre Fleury win 42 games this year?

Will Marc-Andre Fleury win 42 games this year?


Apart from being one of the nicest guys in professional sports, Marc-Andre Fleury is also one of the best goalies in the National Hockey League. Winning 40 games in a year is a benchmark goal for every goalie every year, and only a few reach that number each year. 42 wins would be significant this year for Fleury because it would put him ahead in career wins of Hockey Hall of Famer Terry Sawchuk.

Decision Logic

This bet is cut and dry. If Fleury earns 42 winning decisions during the 2018-2019 regular hockey season, this bet will resolve as "YES." If he fails to reach that mark, "NO" will be the bet winner.

CLOSING IN2019-03-25 05:00:00

6:29AM, Nov 30, 2018 UTC

5:00AM, Mar 25, 2019 UTC

3:19PM, Mar 26, 2019 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 4:43AM, Mar 27, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1177

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.11774677 was split between 10 bettors.
# of Bets:2
# of Bets:10


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BHenry2072 2:53PM, Mar 26, 2019 UTC
Yeah, I was planning on resolving this, but I was at work
sirlanka 9:27AM, Mar 26, 2019 UTC
outcome known as NO since 5 hors ago

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