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Will Segwit activate before November 2017?

Will Segwit activate before November 2017?


Signalling for Segwit starts on November 15th 2016, will it lock-in before November 2017?

Decision Logic

Miners signal for segwit in their blocks, 95% of blocks signalling for segwit in any single difficulty period (2016 blocks) will 'lock-in' and start segwit enforcement two weeks after that.
If lock-in occurs before November '17 this proposition settles as YES.
If lock-in has not occured by 1st Nov '17 00:00 GMT this bet settles as NO.

CLOSING IN2017-07-19 18:00:00

7:31PM, Nov 16, 2016 UTC

6:00PM, Jul 19, 2017 UTC

6:09PM, Jul 21, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:28AM, Aug 5, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 0.8047

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.8047301 was split between 10 bettors.
# of Bets:10
# of Bets:9


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kolotoure77294 12:13PM, Jul 24, 2017 UTC
Yes, absolutely. Roughly August 11th for lock-in.
DonkeyHotee 11:25AM, Jul 24, 2017 UTC
BIP 191 has locked in, but Segwit has not activated yet. I will wait until Segwit actually activates before resolving the bet. Anything could happen. @BetMoose @kolotoure77294
kolotoure77294 7:28AM, Jul 21, 2017 UTC
This bet should close now that BIP91 the mandatory activation of segwit has locked in. no more bets!
kolotoure77294 12:23PM, Jul 19, 2017 UTC
and by close, I don't mean settle. Close after BIP91 activates, settle after segwit activates. BIP91 is a BIP to specifically activate segwit, which is why this bet should close after it activates.
kolotoure77294 11:52AM, Jul 19, 2017 UTC
@BetMoose @Avalon This bet should close once BIP91 is locked in, once BIP91 locks in all blocks not signalling segwit will be orphaned. BIP91 guarantees the lock-in and activation of segwit. This bet will get leeched heavily if it's not closed at BIP91 lockin because weight is still 9.8x.

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