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Will @TeamColtra Remove the Word, “Libtard”?

Will @TeamColtra Remove the Word, “Libtard”?


@TeamColtra has included the term, “Libtard” -- a derogatory term for a liberal -- in the tag words of the team’s “Will Melania Dump Trump?” bet. Will the team remove the term from their bet by the time of this bet's end?

WARNING TO POTENTIAL BETTERS: This bet has be set up to give TeamColtra the opportunity to bet and also control the outcome of the bet in order to see if they have what it takes to benefit from posting derogatory names.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: Thanks for participating with your bets and comments. TeamColtra removed the above-mentioned term from their bet last night, so this bet resolves early as a YES. I don't see a button anywhere to set an early resolution, so I'm flagging for the moderators to resolve this.

Decision Logic

A bet of NO wins if the term is not removed. A bet of YES wins if the term is removed.

8:02AM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC

8:00AM, Dec 7, 2020 UTC

8:00AM, Dec 17, 2020 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: One outcome can be absolute.

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Avalon 3:28AM, Nov 30, 2020 UTC
You guys are funny however this isn't a fair proposition as one outcome has an unfair advantage and is technically 'known'. See
Ubuntanda 6:42AM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra Thanks for removing the tag. That resolves this bet, but I don’t see a button for early resolution. It’s late right now, so tomorrow I’ll research how to resolve this bet early or I’ll flag it for the moderators to end it. Hopefully, this post will keep others from betting until then.
TeamColtra 4:17AM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
I have removed that tag and appreciate the free dollar or so after fees. I will note that I removed the tag AFTER I made my bet to ensure I complied with the rules of the website where bets made after the outcome is published are void. Future bets will also be voided after this.
Ubuntanda 1:05AM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra Courage? No doubt, you’ve seen this bet and comments by now. Running your betting website, do you hide after bad behavior?
MooseMe 2:52AM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
@Ubuntanda Ha! An interesting bet! I've been watching it. I'm in whether a bettor can control the outcome or not. You did put it in the Entertainment category, and this is looking to become good entertainment.
Ubuntanda 8:13PM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
@praine Whether I got offended or not, posting derogatory names for groups of people is unacceptable behavior. Your position that a liberal shouldn’t get offended by a derogatory name leads to the normalization of such behavior. In such normalization, if you were to be a Trump supporter, it would be normal behavior for myself to berate you for getting offended if I were to refer to you as a MAGAt.
praine 2:36PM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
You are so offended by a word that you created a bet against it? This is only something that a li-, oh I better not!

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