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Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?

Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?


[ HighLowBet_#5 ]
Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?

Decision Logic

(1) The bet will be resolved early if the price of Bitcoin reaches $4500 or $3500 before the betting deadline.
(2) If the price of Bitcoin does NOT reach $4500 or $3500 before the betting deadline then the 'Neither' option will be resolved as the winning bet.
(3) will be used to verify the price of Bitcoin and the outcome UTC.
Any bet submitted after the outcome UTC will be disqualified and refunded.
(4) If cannot be used to verify the Bitcoin price and UTC before the 'Outcome Date' then the bet will be cancelled and refunded.

CLOSING IN2019-03-24 04:00:00

1:20PM, Feb 20, 2019 UTC

4:00AM, Mar 24, 2019 UTC

5:11PM, Mar 24, 2019 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 5:53PM, Mar 24, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0711

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Neither"

0.0710658 was split between 9 bettors.
# of Bets:4
# of Bets:4
# of Bets:9


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HighLowBet 5:48PM, Mar 31, 2019 UTC
Apologies to everyone for the delay in resolution.
Avalon 4:37PM, Mar 31, 2019 UTC
@mr2mato Sorry for the delay in resolution. In cases like this, we create manual tickets as follow-up as the outcome nor deadline selected can be used as flags for our moderator team, so the same person has to follow-up on that ticket.
HighLowBet 12:36AM, Mar 31, 2019 UTC
I hope so d_d. Saturday has passed. I'm hoping one of the mods will respond within the next 24 hrs.
d_d 11:38PM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
these kinds of issues are usually resolved on weekends.
mr2mato 10:16PM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
OMG. where is my outcome??????? I never bet again in this website. :((((
HighLowBet 4:34PM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
Hi @d_d, It is possible someone reported the bet. I would, however, be very intrigued to know what they objected to. The outcome is not some questionable borderline case (even 'now' the outcome is still "Neither"). I'm going to assume the mods were just delayed and/or unavailable. The winners will get their chicken dinner! ;)
d_d 3:36PM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
someone who was not happy with the outcome likely pressed the red button.
HighLowBet 10:46AM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
Hi Guys. Yes, the bet was definitely resolved on the MARCH 24. I'll contact the moderators and ask why the winners still haven't been paid. They usually pay out fast, but 4 days is unusually long. I'll get back to you ... when they respond.
mr2mato 1:45AM, Mar 28, 2019 UTC
Why it isn’t resolved?
d_d 4:37PM, Mar 27, 2019 UTC
hasn't it been correctly resolved already?
sirlanka 1:29PM, Mar 22, 2019 UTC
If that was the case I'd just bet 1 sec before betting close. But what you say doesn't matter. Outcome was still set to next week
HighLowBet 10:15AM, Mar 21, 2019 UTC
Hi @sirlanka. As per point (2) in my decision logic—the 'Betting Deadline' is the end of the proposition. As such, this bet can be resolved early without waiting for the outcome date because the bet outcome is known and has already been won by the "Neither" option.
sirlanka 3:20AM, Mar 21, 2019 UTC
@HighLowBet outcome date is set to 27th so chill out a little
HighLowBet 11:11AM, Mar 20, 2019 UTC
The bet has been resolved. The outcome was "Neither". Congratulations to all winners! The BetMoose moderators have been notified and payments will be issued as soon as possible.
HighLowBet 1:23PM, Feb 20, 2019 UTC
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