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Will the Ray Rice decision STAND or will it be changed?

Will the Ray Rice decision STAND or will it be changed?


Will the decision by the NFL and Roger Goodell stand as is? Meaning Ray Rice is out for the year and fired from the Baltimore Ravens. After an initial 2 Game suspension, the NFL made a minimum 6 game suspension for domestic abuse. Then, after video emerged showing Ray Rice punch his then fiance and current wife , the NFL changed their punishment and made it a season ending penalty and subsequently the Ravens ended his contract. The bet is, will this stand?

Decision Logic

Simply put. The bet will reward the correct pick. YES the decision stands means despite any appeal or complaints, Ray Rice will not be allowed to play or sign with any team this season. If the answer is NO, it means that the suspension is reduced or the contract with the Ravens is reinstated per the NFL. If the suspension is reduced but Rice does not sign with a team, this is still a NO because the punishment was changed. If Dec. 1 comes and the decision stands as is, the bet resolves YES.

1:09PM, Sep 16, 2014 UTC

7:55AM, Dec 1, 2014 UTC

6:00PM, Dec 1, 2014 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

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YES-Ray Rice Punishment STANDS
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NO- Ray Rice Punishment CHANGE
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