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Will there be more indictments by Mueller by 1/31/2018?

Will there be more indictments by Mueller by 1/31/2018?


Bob Mueller indicted Paul Manafort and Rick Gates as a result of his Russia election meddling investigation. Will there be more indictments by him in the coming weeks? Such as Michael Flynn or anybody else?

Decision Logic

Indictments must be by Bob Mueller, not the FBI, Justice Department, or other authority. Any indictment by Mueller, either a misdemeanor or felony, would count and like Manafort and Gates, indictments do not have to be related to Russia election meddling. The bet will resolve early if indictments are announced by the news media.

CLOSING IN2018-01-21 05:55:00

5:23AM, Nov 9, 2017 UTC

5:55AM, Jan 21, 2018 UTC

12:00PM, Feb 1, 2018 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:29PM, Feb 1, 2018 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1677

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

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BenCarson 4:15PM, Dec 1, 2017 UTC
Whew, this was a close one. Mueller chose to use an information, NOT an indictment in Flynn's case: I'm just posting this preemptively in case anyone thinks this market should be closed early. So far, NO new indictments have been filed, so the proposition has not yet resolved yes.

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