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Will Tim Dodd Fly Around The Moon in 2023?

Will Tim Dodd Fly Around The Moon in 2023?


Will Tim Dodd (The Everyday Astronaut) Fly Around The Moon at Any Point in 2023. According to publications online,, wikipedia and others, the claim is that a SpaceX rocket with 8 people including Steve Aoki, K-Pop star T.O.P., and YouTuber Tim Dodd will join a Japanese billionaire on an upcoming "dearMoon" mission, which they claim will launch in 2023.

Decision Logic

Logic is easy. Tim Dodd must be on the flight and it must leave Earth, travel to the moon and we must see Tim looking out a window or something showing he flew around the moon. If the mainstream report is that it happened with Tim on the flight then the bet will settle YES. If for any reason the flight is postponed beyond 2023 or if Tim backs out or the ship never makes it to the moon, the bet settles NO.

CLOSING IN2023-06-18 04:00:00

3:29PM, Dec 12, 2022 UTC

4:00AM, Jun 18, 2023 UTC

9:35PM, Jul 10, 2023 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 11:02AM, Nov 10, 2023 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0927

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No he will not go to the moon"

0.0927 was split between 4 bettors.
Yes he will fly around moon
# of Bets:3
No he will not go to the moon
# of Bets:4


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JeezusChrist 11:04AM, Nov 10, 2023 UTC
Well, it is now 100% that this will not happen in 2023 so the bet is settled as NO, they did not go to the moon. You can check the site or clcik this PDF where they confirm this will happen 2024 at the earliest.
G_Force 1:18PM, Aug 18, 2023 UTC
When can we expect a resolution on this?
JeezusChrist 6:15PM, Jun 18, 2023 UTC
Decision Logic: "If for any reason the flight is postponed beyond 2023 or if Tim backs out or the ship never makes it to the moon, the bet settles NO." Wikipedia: "Launch date Q4 2024 (planned) Rocket SpaceX Starship Launch site: SpaceX Starbase, Texas End of mission: Landing date Q4 2024 (planned) Landing site SpaceX Starbase, Texas... The project was unveiled in September 2018 and is scheduled to launch in 2024."
JeezusChrist 6:10PM, Jun 18, 2023 UTC
@Avalon Please close this bet and resolve it as NO. Please see wikipedia the launch date was moved to Q4 2024. This bet is for 2023 which is no longer in the cards. I already reported it.
JeezusChrist 4:57AM, May 2, 2023 UTC
@Avalon You can shut down the bet... please resolve as a NO. They have moved launch date to Q4 2024 and they just had a craft blow up. Never even placed people on it so 2023 out of the question.
Avalon 4:44PM, Jan 9, 2023 UTC
@JeezusChrist max length is one year unfortunately sorry! Would break the time-weight multiplier.
JeezusChrist 10:16PM, Dec 16, 2022 UTC
@Avalon Can you change end date to 12/31/23

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