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Will Trump be POTUS on February-01-2021 at 12pm ET?

Will Trump be POTUS on February-01-2021 at 12pm ET?


Will Trump officially be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on February First, 2021 at 12 pm eastern time, or not? Here, the idea is that picking an explicit resolution based on the fixed date of February first, 2021 at 12 pm ET ought to 1) give enough time for both campaigns to "play all of their cards", 2) simultaneously remove any possible ambiguity from the betting decision.

EDIT: (10-01-2021) : Please note, for clarity, that in the case where Trump declares the election null and void, or levies treason charges against congress and/or Biden, via either military-tribunals and/or insurrection act, then this bet considers Trump to be "de facto" president and will settle as yes, on said date.

Decision Logic

Due to the complexity of this election and to ongoing legal actions by the Trump team and possible retort by the Biden team, this bet will resolve at EXACTLY February first, 2021 at 12 pm eastern time. The bet is won if and only if Trump is officially the president of the United States on February first, 2021 at 12 pm eastern time, and is lost if he is not.
In the unlikely event that the Trump and/or the Biden teams are still battling it out in courts on February first, 2021, or in some other theater, such that the winner is still not clear, the bet will STILL resolve on exactly that date based on who is president at that date and time.

CLOSING IN2021-02-01 16:30:00

8:50PM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC

4:30PM, Feb 1, 2021 UTC

5:00PM, Feb 2, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 5:02PM, Feb 2, 2021 UTC

Offered Volume: 0.0063
Backed Volume: 0.0631

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

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8:21PM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC grolsch No 0.03905399 1.10x 0.04167061
1:28PM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC Lugal No 0.019 1.10x 0.02027300
2:36PM, Dec 31, 2020 UTC dogiv No 0.005 1.10x 0.00533500


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Blackspiody 4:54AM, Jan 26, 2021 UTC
TeamHans is just a sore loser. Best to ignore them.
betterment 1:22PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
The bet resolved when it was supposed to, it would have been wrong to extend it unnecessarily. If you disagree and think Trump will be POTUS, bet on Yes on this bet.
TeamHans 11:28AM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
To all - please note Betmoose has just wrongfully, prematurely resolved another bet related to the Presidency. I would encourage everyone NOT to bet with Betmoose until they stop following arbitrary deadlines and ignoring decision logics. Thank you.

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