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Will Trump Be UNBanned off Twitter

Will Trump Be UNBanned off Twitter


Will Trump be UnBanned from Twitter

Decision Logic

Donald Trump Restores His Original Account on Twitter
Or is Allowed to Create a new account that is not suspended.

CLOSING IN2022-11-11 16:15:00

5:40AM, Apr 7, 2022 UTC

4:15PM, Nov 11, 2022 UTC

6:55AM, Jan 9, 2023 UTC

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freedom 3:41AM, Jun 28, 2022 UTC
Was thinking that I would wait it out a bit @praine See how Elon plays it out, if Elon takes over then the bet fulfills true even if Trump doesn't join since Elon is cool with trump If Trump wins the lawsuit and it doesnt get appealed and Elon doesn't take over then its a legal fufillement
praine 6:19PM, May 13, 2022 UTC
If Trump is unbanned, but chooses not to rejoin Twitter, then how do we know he is unbanned?
freedom 5:19AM, May 11, 2022 UTC :) Elon hasn't taken over Twitter just yet and privatized it This will be in for a citation that the second condition is verbally met for yes this bet is not over yet though as the deal could fall through (Or is Allowed to Create a new account that is not suspended.) If Trump does not choose to rejoin twitter that is his own choice the bet still meets the condition want any other gamblers to be aware.
freedom 3:34AM, Apr 26, 2022 UTC
Place your bets
freedom 3:34AM, Apr 26, 2022 UTC
“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Any brave souls to be against me :D
freedom 3:33AM, Apr 26, 2022 UTC
Elon confirmed to complete the purchase of twitter starting to play the Jaws soundtrack
freedom 12:23AM, Apr 15, 2022 UTC
Elon begins his takeover

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