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Will Trump Control the White House on April 1st, 2021?

Will Trump Control the White House on April 1st, 2021?


There is great concern over the 2020 U.S. election, with both sides accusing the other of tampering with the voting process. This is isn't a bet on who won the U.S. presidential election of 2020, as there is already uncertainty over the election results, it might not be possible to know the true winner. As such this is a bet on if Donald Trump will be in control of the White House on April 1st, 2021 at 4:00 AM (GMT)

Decision Logic

If Donald Trump is known to be in control of the White House on April 1st, 2021 then Yes will be selected as the winner. Multiple news sites will be checked to see if he is still residing in the White House.

CLOSING IN2021-04-01 03:55:00

8:00PM, Aug 24, 2020 UTC

3:55AM, Apr 1, 2021 UTC

3:55AM, Apr 3, 2021 UTC

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betterment 7:14AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC
Somewhat relevant bet; if any Patriot trusts that Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act or declare martial law, there's a chance to make money: I can bet more on NO if there's interest.
6jarjar6 11:16PM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC
@888 No it will not. April 1st will be the date that is looked at.
888 4:43PM, Dec 24, 2020 UTC
In the event Trump is in "control" of the White House post inauguration, does this bet resolve early?
6jarjar6 11:22PM, Nov 18, 2020 UTC
@vegai No it will not be a yes just because it is April Fools.
vegai 6:19AM, Nov 17, 2020 UTC
Will this be a YES if he'll get to be the president as an April Fools' joke?
jeb_bush 1:56AM, Nov 10, 2020 UTC
Sure thing - I guess I meant say, would you call it on January 21st once Biden is actually sworn in, or will you literally wait until April 1st even if Biden moves into the whitehouse.
6jarjar6 8:25PM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@jeb_bush I won't call it early, as the bet states it is if he will control the White House on April 1st. There's always a possibility of things changing and I don't want to call it early in case anything unforeseen happens.
jeb_bush 1:59AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
Are we headed for an early resolution on this one? I'm fine if we want to wait for official vote tallys but just curious under what terms you'll call it early

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