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Will Trump leave office by November 2017?

Will Trump leave office by November 2017?


Will Trump leave office for ANY reason; i.e. resignation, coup, impeachment, health, etc?

Decision Logic

If Trump leaves from office of the presidency for any reason then the bet confirms as "YES."
If Trump does not leave office, then the bet confirms as "NO."
Confirmation must come from reputable news source: CNN/NBC/NYT
Early resolution is possible.

CLOSING IN2017-09-30 16:00:00

6:24PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC

4:00PM, Sep 30, 2017 UTC

5:00PM, Nov 10, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 5:26PM, Nov 10, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 1.387

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

1.387206 was split between 28 bettors.
# of Bets:12
# of Bets:28


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bitboomer 10:39PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
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bitboomer 10:20PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
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bitboomer 10:19PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
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bitboomer 10:15PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
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pelican95 2:32PM, Mar 31, 2017 UTC
The Senate is voting or whether or not to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS next week. Bet here:
lewren 7:11PM, Dec 14, 2016 UTC
Some more presidential-related betting here for who is interested:
Avalon 7:19PM, Nov 16, 2016 UTC
Adjusted. Please use the report button in the future instead of mentioning admin names in comments.
jigglypoof 3:30PM, Nov 15, 2016 UTC
@999silver, I think most people realize I'm referring to the Presidency. But yes, you're right I should've been more clear. @Avalon could the wording of this bet be changed to "Office of the Presidency?" Thanks!
999silver 11:37AM, Nov 15, 2016 UTC
What office do you have in mind?

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