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Will Trump pardon Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht?-Best

Will Trump pardon Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht?-Best


According to reports, Trump plans to pardon around 100 people before he leaves office. He is reportedly considering a pardon for Ross Ulbricht, as he quote "feels sympathetic toward him/his situation".

Will Ross be pardoned by Donald Trump?

Decision Logic

The definition of a presidential pardon is that "The President of the United States completely sets aside the punishment for a federal crime."

Yes- Trump fully pardons Ross
No- Trump doesn't pardon Ross

CLOSING IN2021-01-19 10:30:00

7:52AM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC

10:30AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC

10:30PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:34PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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bear_trill 2:38PM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC
@pommy963 honor amongst gamblers =p
pommy963 10:51AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@bear_trill thanks for the kindness mate. Yeah idk what ross is going to do. The petition is at 380,000 signatures, maybe when it hits 1 million there'll be increased buzz around the case.
bear_trill 12:29AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
Honestly glad you won Pommy when I saw that huge bet and that I could get 30000% ROI I was all over it but that'd be a terrible mistake to get burned on. Too bad for Ross though
praine 11:26AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
Yeah, it's too bad. And it's safe to say he won't get a presidential pardon from Biden. Hopefully he finds justice some other way! I didn't bet on this, but it did make me hopeful for a moment there.
pommy963 8:00AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
ive already donated to his fund and tried to help out as much as i can over the last 3 years. its so sad
pommy963 7:58AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
damn they didn't pardon him. those hit attempts are going to haunt him forever :( wasnt even charged for them and yet they're the biggest reason he's getting shunned by the public and politicians.
d_d 11:49AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
I agree, the sentence is way too harsh, especially considering the recent changes in the legal and regulatory landscape for psychedelics. 'The guy who created silk road 2.0 got 5 years' - I didn't know that, and Ross already have spent 5+ years in prison, interesting...
pommy963 10:51AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@d_d "By issuing such a pardon" Ross created a website, and took commissions off the illegal goods being sold, without paying tax. And for that, he gets double life plus 40 years without parole. The guy who created silk road 2.0 got 5 years.....
d_d 10:45AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
Trump reportedly doesn't even drink beer. Does he really want to send a conflicting message to his youngest son by issuing such a pardon? Will his base be really pleased by this idea? On the other hand Ulbricht is a German surname...
pommy963 9:01AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
yeah the mistake was betting too much
pommy963 9:00AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
sorry friend i'm not sure what you mean @praine
praine 8:19AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
I mean, I'd match it if you made another bet and did that.
praine 7:46AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@pommy963 What is the mistake? Did you mean to bet .6 BTC on yes?
Bertuzzi44 6:50AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
FYI. I also emailed support as I bet .0045 x3 on a computer error. Your wager was your mistake, mine was a computer glitch.
pommy963 6:18AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
and i'm a supporter of ross ahah so conflicted rn
pommy963 6:17AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
i'm screwed if he gets released
pommy963 6:16AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
i just realised the mistake i made, oof :(

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