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How to Play

  • 1. Click on the boxes below to narrow down your estimated price of Bitcoin (in $USD) at the end of the week.
  • 2. Click single grid boxes or click and drag to select multiple.
  • 3. After reviewing your selection, click "Place" below to confirm your purchase.
  • 4. If the USD/BTC price on the time specified is equal to one of your selected picks, you win!
  • 5. If no one wins, the pot continues to grow each week until someone wins.
  • 6. Price per ticket increases throughout the week, so use your predictive powers and pick early!
  • [ More Rules & Information ]

Pick the correct USD/BTC price on 11:00PM, Jun 11, 2017 UTC to win the jackpot!

Jackpot: 3.703

The correct price was $2951.99

No one picked the correct price this week.
The pot has been carried over to next week.




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qwerty123 10:54AM, Dec 20, 2017 UTC

BetMoose Ticker Source

BetMoose uses the [bitcoinaverage USD market weighted average]. This average takes market price and volume of most exchanges where bitcoins are directly traded for USD. For more information, have a look [here].

More Rules & Information

  • The maximum weekly pot is limited to 10 BTC.
  • The tickets you purchase use a time multiplier. Tickets purchased earlier in the week have a higher multiplier. In the case of multiple winners, the winnings are split based on the time multiplier of your winning ticket compared with that of other winners. Please see our [FAQ] for more info on the math and calculations.
  • The site keeps 8% of total winnings.
  • In the case of no winners, the current pot moves to next week, but the picks do not.
  • Please note that the 'prevailing' USDBTC price at 23:00 UTC is the first one served to us via the bitcoinaverage API at or after 23:00. Due to the nature of the internet, this could be any price between 23:00:00 and 23:00:59.

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