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Predictions into Profit

There's no dice here.
Bet with real people on real events. Turn your knack of calling it into smart investments.

Be the World's Prophet

Nostradamus was wise, but can you do better? Accuracy and ROI is the game. Check out the Hall of Fame to see our smartest bettors!

Infinite Possibilities

Run your own book - on anything. It's free and easy to create bets, and you make a cut from the pot! Level up by resolving your bets correctly and earn rep from the community.

Why BetMoose


  • Place anonymously with no registration, or sign up for free and get added benefits
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • 0-conf deposits - bets active within seconds
  • Easy to understand betting formula
  • Secure, cold storage handling of all deposits
  • Friendly support - reach out to us at anytime


  • Parimutuel and Fixed Odds bet types
  • Multi-option bets: bets with up to 5 outcome options
  • Powerful search and filter tool - find what interests you
  • Detailed stats to track your performance
  • Built-in profit calculator for tactical bets
  • "Can't lose if you win"
    payout approach
  • Automate your game with our API (coming soon)


  • Earn levels as a host based on your reputation
  • Show off your predictive powers in the Hall of Fame
  • Activity Center helps keep your relevant updates in one place
  • Easily create and share your bets with friends and enemies
  • Customize your profile and BetMoose identity