Thanks for using BetMoose (“we”, “our”, “Website”, “Site”). The following Agreement governs your use of this website.

  1. By using BetMoose or registering an account on the Website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions in this Agreement you may not use the Site.
  2. We may modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the Site at any point of time. Any modifications will be sent out to all users via email and will be effective following a 5 day lead time after the email. Your continued use of BetMoose following any modification to this Agreement shall be deemed an acceptance of all modifications.
  3. By signing up for BetMoose, you agree for us to use your provided email address as necessary; such as for security verifications and to send important site-related information and receive admin contact regarding any issues.
  4. Inappropriate user-generated content (eg: posts in the comments or bet sections) will not be tolerated. Such material includes but is not limited to: threats, harassment, racism, advertising, spam, excessive profanity, and posting copyrighted material. BetMoose reserves the right to change or delete any such content.
  5. Pictures posted in your profile and bets must not contain inappropriate material. Inappropriate material includes, but is not limited to: pornography, threatening photos, advertising, spam, copyrighted material or any material used without the author’s consent.
  6. BetMoose reserves the right to delist, cancel or delete any bets that are duplicates of others. The decision lies solely with our site staff, with guidelines given in our FAQ.
  7. BetMoose rewards hosts according to their reputation (“host level”). Level 0 (starting level (no stars)) hosts earn 0.5% commission from the payout of parimutuel bets, with an increase of 0.1% for every level up to 1.0% for level 5 hosts. For fixed-odds bets, the commission is only earned on winnings sent to backers. The Site may reduce or increase this commission at any time, with notice given ahead of time. Communication will be distributed by email and forum. These commissions are only paid out during the bet payout phase, providing the host has resolved the outcome correctly and on time. Due to all the variabilities and factors, the commission is not guaranteed by BetMoose, and partial amounts are a possibility within the system.
  8. BetMoose is not an e-wallet or a bank for your coins. Although we support that functionality and promise to protect your coins at all costs, BetMoose and its operators cannot be held responsible any losses. It is your responsibility to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access from anyone who may have your password or otherwise able to access your account.
  9. The uptime of the Site is not guaranteed; maintenance and downtime may be required at times.
  10. BetMoose does not collect any personal identification on its users aside to what you provide us during sign-up. We may collect anonymous IP addresses en mass to measure traffic statistics, or to prevent spam, attacks, or harassment.
  11. Any obvious attacks on BetMoose, the Site, or its users, in addition to violations of any of the above will result in an investigation and potential suspension, deletion, and permabans of accounts and users associated with the attack.
  12. If a user is deleted or banned, BetMoose will attempt to send the coins in the user’s account back to the depositing address on record, unless instructed otherwise through contact. We will hold the coins for a period of 7 days pending communication before taking the above automated action. Any bets will stay active and proceed to payout as normal, at which point any winnings will be auto-sent as per above.
  13. Any users with inactive accounts (accounts with no logins in the past 12 months) that are holding a balance will be contacted by email 3 times within 7 days, at which point the coins will be sent to the address on record, unless otherwise instructed and verified by the user. These accounts will remain active after the coins are returned.

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