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A Peaceful Transition on January 20, 2021?

A Peaceful Transition on January 20, 2021?


This bet centers around one question... Will there be a peaceful transition of power on January 20, 2021 from Trump to Joe Biden?

'Yes' means there will be a peaceful transition on 1/20/21
'No' means there will not be. It could also mean that no transition is necessary because Trump wins or many other scenarios. See logic for details.

Betting ends a week prior to the 20th of January and weighted. Bet early for best odds.

Decision Logic

'Yes' means Biden will take office on 1/20/21 and Trump will leave. It means Trump isn't physically removed and it means he isn't there on the 21st.
'No' means there will not be a peaceful transition. Either because Trump wins and no transition is necessary or the election is overturned or any court decision allows him to stay longer than the 20th or because he simply doesn't leave. If military removes him, this is also a No. If Martial Law is declared and he stays, the bet resolves no. 'Yes' only happens with a peaceful transition on Jan 20, 2021

CLOSING IN2021-01-14 07:55:00

6:46PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 14, 2021 UTC

6:00PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:27PM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0282

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.02820308 was split between 12 bettors.
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JeezusChrist 5:51AM, Jan 11, 2021 UTC
The bet is regarding Trump. Not his "Patriots." So, to be settled as a no, Trump will need to do something that causes him to not leave the White House on Inauguration day. If he is arrested or won't leave or stays for any reason, it is not peaceful. If Joe Biden is inaugurated and Trump leaves and Patriots burn the place down, it is still a yes.
freedom 9:18PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
The valid question here is that if Trump leaves but a riot occurs is it technically a peaceful transition
udohtu5182 10:00AM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
Will you consider it a "peaceful transition" if MAGA people are violently and successfully stopped at the perimeter?
TeamHans 11:25AM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
To all - please note Betmoose has just wrongfully, prematurely resolved another bet related to the Presidency. I would encourage everyone NOT to bet with Betmoose until they stop following arbitrary deadlines and ignoring decision logics. Thank you.

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