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Crude Oil above $100 on 7/11/14 ?

Crude Oil above $100 on 7/11/14 ?


Crude oil closed at $104.14 at end of 7/2/2014. Will it still be above $100 at the end of 7/11/14, or 4:00 pm EST?

Decision Logic

If price of Crude Oil is above $100 after 16:00 EST, "YES" will win.
If price of Crude Oil is below $100 after 16:00 EST, "NO" will win.

Arbiter is Wall Street Journal website,

CLOSING IN2014-07-08 20:00:00

7:15AM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC

8:00PM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC

8:30PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:58PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1700

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.16999537 was split between 13 bettors.
# of Bets:13
# of Bets:1


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sirlanka 11:28PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Very close, unlucky!
chakudaku 8:57PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Oh my God! I just checked the numbers and soooo close! Just 69 cents! This would have been momentous!
julian-marty 8:50PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
@chakudaku u against the world almost paid off... that was a nail-biter!
whatever 5:14PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Took a major dump today, who knows, you might get lucky and come out pretty good on this one.
chakudaku 7:41AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
It's me against the world. Methinks the world will win this one. Thanks to all for betting and enjoy my money!

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