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New Concept Energy, Inc.(GBR) to soar to 3 USD/share

New Concept Energy, Inc.(GBR) to soar to 3 USD/share


New Concept Energy, Inc. (GBR) NYSEMKT:GBR, will trade at least 3.00 USD per share before Saturday 20th June 2015.

Decision Logic

This bet resolves as "YES" if between Saturday 06th June 2015 and Saturday 20th June 2015 the stock New Concept Energy, Inc. (GBR) NYSEMKT:GBR, will trade AT LEAST one time at 3.0 USD or higher.

Otherwise the bet resolves as NO.

Resolution source is

CLOSING IN2015-06-17 21:00:00

12:19PM, Jun 6, 2015 UTC

9:00PM, Jun 17, 2015 UTC

7:00AM, Jun 20, 2015 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:47AM, Jun 23, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 0.7050

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.705 was split between 11 bettors.
# of Bets:2
# of Bets:11


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Avalon 12:48AM, Jun 23, 2015 UTC
You should have resolved your bet @cryptoman. You have to resolve your bets to get your commission mate! :)
cryptoman 6:21AM, Jun 20, 2015 UTC
cryptoman 11:19AM, Jun 7, 2015 UTC
This website is not bad at all. The only problem is that it has really low BTC volume. I will had some extra cash in this bet just to make more funny and interesting this game.
cryptoman 12:22PM, Jun 6, 2015 UTC
The stock in this moment is trading at 1.65 USD. Will it soar to 3 USD in less than 2 weeks?

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