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Will Joe Biden die durring his current term?

Will Joe Biden die durring his current term?


Will the current president in office of the United States of America Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. die while serving his current term?

Decision Logic

-Death and next presidential inauguration is declared by the United States federal government. Death is confirmed by an official state funeral of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, 46th and current president in office.

- "YES" means he'll die before the next presidential inauguration.
- "NO but within 1 year" means he'll die before January 20th, 2026 or within 1 year of the next presidential inauguration.
- "NO, after" means he won't die within the time frames of the other options.

- The bet only concerns the current term which ends with the inauguration of the victor of the 2024 presidential election scheduled on January 20th, 2025 and before February 1st, 2025, even if he is re-elected.

CLOSING IN2024-01-14 23:55:00

12:04PM, Jan 14, 2023 UTC

11:55PM, Jan 14, 2024 UTC

12:00AM, Jan 20, 2026 UTC


Total Volume: 0.0030

This bet is waiting for its outcome.

The outcome will be known in: 1 Year.
# of Bets:3
NO but within 1 year
# of Bets:1
NO, after
# of Bets:7


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Porky 10:02PM, May 25, 2023 UTC
**** it, I'm in. Here's hoping!!! :-)
Porky 9:33AM, Feb 14, 2023 UTC
@FreedomOfTrade LOL that you know who Jim Bell is. :-) Poor bastard got railroaded IMHO, all because he dared to publish an academic whitepaper that They didn't like.
sirlanka 8:28PM, Feb 9, 2023 UTC
@Avalanche This bet has a deadline over a year into the future. Will you let it run or delete it?
FreedomOfTrade 10:02AM, Jan 15, 2023 UTC
@Porky Nah, but if this gets removed thought I should probably add that assassinations don't count. If mods want to do that it's fine by me. Only I have bet on this so far. But I mean come on, there have been so many bets on if he'll finish his term, we all know what it means if he doesn't.
Porky 9:40PM, Jan 14, 2023 UTC
Jim Bell is that you?!

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