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Will trump end Obamacare in 2017?

Will trump end Obamacare in 2017?


Will president elect Donald Trump really end(or at least rename) Obamacare in 2017?

Decision Logic

It resolves as an "YES" should any major news outlet such as CNN, New York Times or Washington Post report the end of the program named "Obamacare" or the renaming of the program.

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12:51AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC

1:45AM, Dec 20, 2017 UTC

12:55AM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:56AM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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Avalon 6:20PM, Jan 1, 2018 UTC
@dutchmason02 the problem is 'Obamacare' was really just a shortform for the Affordable Care Act, there is no legal definition of Obamacare, nor Trumpcare. The intent as we understand it was whether or not the ACA could be repealed or changed to a substantial degree whereby the initial ACA as enacted by 'Obama' would be no more. That hasn't happened yet.
dutchmason02 9:08PM, Dec 31, 2017 UTC
@Avalon I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree here. The wording specifically says Obamacare. Many major publications have said Obamacare no longer exist, or simply refer to it as Trumpcare now. If it said the Affordable Care Act, that would be different. However, it does not. And the use of Trumpcare is clearly a renaming in the eyes of many media, pundits, etc.
Avalon 3:50PM, Dec 28, 2017 UTC
@lonewolf13 - in the future, do not simply use 'publications' as a source. They all write different things every day. We ourselves have found the same source posting 'Obamacare has ended' and 'Obamacare still alive' on multiple occasions.
Avalon 3:48PM, Dec 28, 2017 UTC
Finally, we urge those interested to follow the repeal attempts and what is needed to properly replace or end Obamacare.. You can begin your research here:
Avalon 3:47PM, Dec 28, 2017 UTC
The intent of the proposition is whether Trump will 'end' Obamacare, which he has not. The new tax bill repealed the requirement that all Americans carry health insurance, however, that does not 'end' Obamacare and it is still written in law today. The host did post vague determination criteria, however, it can be interpreted both positively and negatively. Just because writes 'nuclear war is imminent', does not mean it is in fact, imminent.
Zarathustra 10:11PM, Dec 27, 2017 UTC
Obamacare was not ended, nobody announced it nor it changed name.
dutchmason02 10:31PM, Dec 25, 2017 UTC
Based on the wording, this should be resolved as ‘yes.’ Agree with some of the facts posted, but unfortunately that’s not how the proposition was worse. If it was ‘will the Affordable Care Act’ be repealed entirely, that would be different.
mrflyingcat 10:21PM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC
Trump has not signed the tax bill into law. Even if it is true that the new tax cut would degrade some aspect of "Obama Care," it has not yet affected Obama Care as of the closing of the bet, IMO.
lonewolf13 12:58AM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC
-All major news outlets listed in resolution say that ACA "Obamacare" is still alive -The official name has not change from ACA -Not all marquees that compromise the program were dismantleted
lonewolf13 12:56AM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC
eric2017 12:43AM, Dec 21, 2017 UTC
Quote from Bloomberg article: "Removing the individual mandate doesn’t undo other essential elements of Obamacare. The law still requires insurers to sell policies to sick people at the same prices as healthy people..."
Deleted2 9:11PM, Dec 20, 2017 UTC
eric2017 2:23AM, Dec 20, 2017 UTC
It's obvious Obamacare has NOT ended. If you remember John Mccain killed the skinny health bill (that would have replaced Obamacare) in July by voting against it. Nothing else have been voted on regarding healthcare since then. The tax penalty being eliminated as part of the tax bill does not end Obamacare by itself. Even Obama has encouraged people to get insurance in the marketplace (I personally wish he would not speak out like he does).
Jamphone 10:58PM, Dec 19, 2017 UTC
@Avalon I have a stake in this, but frankly, in retrospect, the bet is just too vague and probably should have been voided.
d_d 5:56AM, Dec 15, 2017 UTC Select any state "The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has not been repealed. You are still required to comply with the ACA and you are still entitled to its benefits."
dutchmason02 9:21PM, Dec 14, 2017 UTC
@sanko I agree, that is the logical conclusion based on the wording.
sanko 7:37AM, Dec 14, 2017 UTC
@dutchmason02, agree. As per decision logic this should be resolved as yes.
dutchmason02 3:22AM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 perhaps colloquially, but it certainly isn’t the same thing anymore. Obamacare no longer exists.
pelican95 12:14AM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC
@dutchmason02, it's still called obamacare by the vast majority of people, on the left and right.
dutchmason02 12:07AM, Dec 13, 2017 UTC
@pelican95 exactly my point. Doesn’t exist. Is’ Trumpcare’ now.
pelican95 4:59AM, Dec 12, 2017 UTC
@dutchmason02, yeah, the host really shouldn't have included the 'or the renaming of the program', since its not called Obamacare officially; it's the Affordable Care Act
dutchmason02 3:43AM, Dec 12, 2017 UTC
‘Any major news outlet’
pelican95 2:30AM, Dec 11, 2017 UTC
@dutchmason02, can you link to a Wapo, NYT, or CNN article which affirms the end of obamacare?
dutchmason02 2:05AM, Dec 11, 2017 UTC
How will this be decided, given numerous media outlets have proclaimed it to be dead, or now Trumpcare?
metafa 2:01PM, Sep 26, 2017 UTC
What happens if Obamacare stays largely in place, only very few addition/changes are being made?
Zippy 10:22AM, Mar 4, 2017 UTC
The decision logic does is not that clear. It states that during 2017, a "major news outlet" must report the end or the renaming of the program. It is possible a news outlet will report in 2017 that the program will end in 2018 or later.
lonewolf13 3:55AM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
Yes I know the official name is "Affordable Care Act". But even if some points are kept and the name along with some features is changed to "New Care Act". It already means replacing current legislation.
topnotch 9:51PM, Feb 28, 2017 UTC
"Obamacare" is just the informal label used by the press and the public. The official name was never Obamacare. It's meaningless to talk about Trump renaming Obamacare, as he has no authority to change the name used by the press and the public. He can change the name of the "Affordable Care Act" with the consent of Congress, but that is not the same as renaming "Obamacare". Poor bet.
lonewolf13 5:26AM, Feb 27, 2017 UTC
The logic(and title) clearly states it must be repealed(or officially renamed) in 2017.
Zippy 2:29AM, Feb 25, 2017 UTC
How would this bet resolve if Trump announces in 2017 that Obamacare will end in 2018?

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