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Will trump end Obamacare in 2017?

Will trump end Obamacare in 2017?


Will president elect Donald Trump really end(or at least rename) Obamacare in 2017?

Decision Logic

It resolves as an "YES" should any major news outlet such as CNN, New York Times or Washington Post report the end of the program named "Obamacare" or the renaming of the program.

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metafa 2:01PM, Sep 26, 2017 UTC
What happens if Obamacare stays largely in place, only very few addition/changes are being made?
Zippy 10:22AM, Mar 4, 2017 UTC
The decision logic does is not that clear. It states that during 2017, a "major news outlet" must report the end or the renaming of the program. It is possible a news outlet will report in 2017 that the program will end in 2018 or later.
lonewolf13 3:55AM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
Yes I know the official name is "Affordable Care Act". But even if some points are kept and the name along with some features is changed to "New Care Act". It already means replacing current legislation.
topnotch 9:51PM, Feb 28, 2017 UTC
"Obamacare" is just the informal label used by the press and the public. The official name was never Obamacare. It's meaningless to talk about Trump renaming Obamacare, as he has no authority to change the name used by the press and the public. He can change the name of the "Affordable Care Act" with the consent of Congress, but that is not the same as renaming "Obamacare". Poor bet.
lonewolf13 5:26AM, Feb 27, 2017 UTC
The logic(and title) clearly states it must be repealed(or officially renamed) in 2017.
Zippy 2:29AM, Feb 25, 2017 UTC
How would this bet resolve if Trump announces in 2017 that Obamacare will end in 2018?
Avalon 2:02AM, Jan 27, 2017 UTC
For this reason, we typically set the proposition to close a day or 2 in advance of any official announcement to avoid this early insider insight.
lonewolf13 4:13PM, Jan 25, 2017 UTC
Yes, but it's not restricted to TV news media outlets, as most news outlet also have official sites, so it's very unlikely that no major news outlet will report on the same day as they likely already have pre-made articles.
jagsbeach 7:29PM, Jan 22, 2017 UTC
For clarity: the important date here is the date of the announcement? So if CNN reports on DEC31 2017 that congress has repealed the ACA effective JAN1 2019 the bet resolves to YES. If congress passes to formally rename ACA to TRUMPCARE and CNN reports it on DEC31 2017 the bet also resolves to YES.
Avalon 4:00PM, Jan 9, 2017 UTC
@lonewolf13 please stop spamming your other bets within propositions; the comment section is for relevant discussions only.
zoidberg 6:59AM, Jan 9, 2017 UTC
Impossible. Human presidents always make lot of noise, but they never repeal anything. I am aware of the risk of renaming the policy, but who will take the credit for such care? I would be honored, but the World is not yet ready for Zoidbergcare...
lonewolf13 2:45AM, Dec 23, 2016 UTC
Nevermind, I was just confused. It's alright.
Avalon 1:14AM, Dec 23, 2016 UTC
@lonewolf13 We do not understand your report.. what exactly do you want edited?

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