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Amber Renee Guyger trial

Amber Renee Guyger trial


What will be the outcome of the dallas police officer Amber Renee Guyger's trial?
She shot and killed Botham Shem Jean upon returning to the her apartment complex Thursday after a shift. According to Dallas cops, preliminary information suggested that she opened fire after mistakenly believing she was at her residence.

Decision Logic

Results will be Confirmed by any major news outlet (cnn, fox, bbc)
If the outcome of the trial is murder, the bet will be resolved as murder.
If the outcome is manslaughter, it will be resolve as manslaughter.
If the charges are dropped, she is found innocent, she commits suicide, the trial does not conclude before outcome date, or any other possibility not listed. Bet will be resolve as ex machina.

Early Resolution is possible.

CLOSING IN2019-09-24 04:00:00

2:50AM, Sep 27, 2018 UTC

4:00AM, Sep 24, 2019 UTC

2:50AM, Sep 27, 2019 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:18AM, Sep 27, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0233

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Ex machina"

0.02333504 was split between 6 bettors.
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Ex machina
# of Bets:6


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Dreadnought 3:40AM, Sep 26, 2019 UTC
Well this is pretty much a wrap. It will be ex machina as the trial wont be over before tomorrow
Dreadnought 4:14AM, Apr 18, 2019 UTC
My apologies. I had a link that had said september 7 was going to be the trial date but im guessing they changed it again
d_d 1:23AM, Apr 12, 2019 UTC
It is not resolved yet. "After appearing in court Monday, it has been decided her case will go to trial on Aug. 12 of this year. "
d_d 1:08AM, Apr 12, 2019 UTC
wow. the outcome of the trial was murder. who would have thought?
Dreadnought 1:18PM, Apr 10, 2019 UTC

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