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Bitcoin rises to $1000 before 2017

Bitcoin rises to $1000 before 2017


The price of Bitcoin to Rise to $1000 Before January 1st, 2017.

If the prices touches $1000 anytime in December 2016,

The bet will resolve EARLY as YES.

Decision Logic

Bitstamp and Coindesk (as backup)

CLOSING IN2016-12-30 08:00:00

8:52PM, Dec 23, 2016 UTC

8:00AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC

8:00AM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:15AM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 3.180

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

3.17955018 was split between 37 bettors.
# of Bets:26
# of Bets:37


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freedom 4:50AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC
When it passes 1K the day after Y.Y :P or at least on coindesk
praine 3:53AM, Dec 31, 2016 UTC
Pacific time. When you are logged in, the timeline is displayed in your personal time zone.
xdookx 2:45AM, Dec 31, 2016 UTC
Is the bet resolving at 12 AM Eastern or Pacific time? 3 hours could make all the difference.
lonewolf13 5:42PM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
Will bitcoin rise over $1500 before August 2017?
sirlanka 11:51AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
Whatever... I just tossed a coin. It landed tails, so I bet NO.
freedom 11:22AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
Went with a hedge myself was leaning strongly to No but with the last min NO bids joining in now its basically split even with a big gain if it shows a YES outcome and a minor loss if it stayed as NO ha-ha big flip from all the YES bets on the 28th but good old multipliers do come in at that price for a weekly bet it's seen a lot of volatility.
praine 8:15AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
I didn't bet on this, because it just needs to touch 1K, not pass it. I imagine there is quite a significant difference between those 2 criteria for 1K (maybe not for the previous milestones).
xdookx 5:02AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
I've actually studied the trend, it actually, usually does go up by a couple of bucks towards the end of the year...but I wonder if it'll be enough to actually break the 1k mark... I guess we will know...the way it has been rallying in December anything is possible....but I also know a lot of people are anticipating a dump around 1k too.
lonewolf13 1:50AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
It will depend mostly on the chinese market if it rises over 7,000 yuan or not. But chinese usually treasure the new year and have to do lots of preparatiosn for the festival such as clothing, offerings etc.
Luffy 12:21AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
i think it will pass on the weekend when people will look to get their hands on some for the new year.
freedom 12:10AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
It will be close
xdookx 10:16PM, Dec 29, 2016 UTC
I'm hoping with the end of the year approaching, people have more important things to do than buy bitcoins... but then again... it's not very far from breaking the 1k mark... I could see mob mentality push it right before the new year begins. We'll know i guess in 2 days!

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