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Bitcoin through 12/31/14... $300, $600 or Middle?

Bitcoin through 12/31/14... $300, $600 or Middle?


What happens first? Bitcoin trades at LESS THAN $300, MORE THAN $600 or does it dance in the middle till the end of the year? Bet ends when one of the days shown on the main page at (Overview Chart: the number you get when you highlight over each day. Ex Sept 19 = $395.86) shows its final day/starting day amt at $299.99 or less or $600.01 or over. - Or if Jan 1 2015 comes, and neither has happened, Middle bets would win.

Decision Logic has its OVERVIEW chart and every day is listed. Each day has a "Today's Open:" price. When that amt is $299.99 or less or $600.01 or more- Bets ends. If Jan 1 comes, and no price has been shown above or below those, the bet would settle on MIDDLE.

CLOSING IN2015-01-01 07:55:00

5:09AM, Sep 20, 2014 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC

8:00AM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 4:54PM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 1.096

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Will Dance Between $300 & $600"

1.09558092 was split between 13 bettors.
LOWER than $300
# of Bets:9
Will Dance Between $300 & $600
# of Bets:13
HIGHER than $600
# of Bets:4


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Gloomfrost 6:17PM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC
This was a good bet btw! Thanks :)
JeezusChrist 4:59PM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC
It got as low as $311.07 but never fell below. Congrats to the winners who selected it early (not like those of you who picked it 12/31) @Gloomfrost with a nice early pick. @alex_morgan pretty nice Of course me, JeezusChrist (please don't look for me in the hall of fame... i uhhhh am in heaven right now) and even @zowki with an early win. Enjoy your BTC!

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