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Bitcoin to top $1000 before Jan 2017

Bitcoin to top $1000 before Jan 2017


The price of one Bitcoin in USD will rise over $1000 before January 2017 as per Bitstamp .
The bet will resolve early if it passes $1000 before then.

Decision Logic

When the difference between a given "Yes" bet time and the event time is less than two weeks, that bet will be refunded.
'NO' bets made within 2 weeks of the outcome time (even if early resolved) are to remain in the bet.
Should Bitstamp have failed or gone rogue, we will use Coinbase index.

CLOSING IN2016-12-14 23:00:00

3:03PM, Oct 2, 2016 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 14, 2016 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 31, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:20PM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 25.47

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

25.4745268 was split between 65 bettors.
# of Bets:38
# of Bets:65


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jagsbeach 6:36AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
O o
praine 4:04AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC
Yeah, this was a far too close for comfort. I had to hedge this so I wouldn't lose my shirt.
Avalon 3:02AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC
Amazing how much of a difference less than 24 hours makes for psychological targets like $1000.
etile 6:21PM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC
Resolved as NO
Mrbearbear944 4:28PM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC
Was close and scary for a second, but in the end the rising stopped.
lonewolf13 11:01PM, Dec 31, 2016 UTC
$ 964.18 on Bitstamp
lonewolf13 5:43PM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC
Will bitcoin rise over $1500 before August 2017?
taiphoon 12:25AM, Dec 24, 2016 UTC
Missed out on this bet. Here's a fresh one.
Eirik 9:47PM, Dec 23, 2016 UTC
Sure is!
praine 3:29AM, Dec 23, 2016 UTC
Starting to get a little interesting, isn't it?
lewren 9:36AM, Dec 4, 2016 UTC
Bets for price-range of Bitcoin by the end of this year can be found here:
KoldBane 12:41AM, Nov 25, 2016 UTC
oh jesus, that's CAD not USD... sigh
KoldBane 12:40AM, Nov 25, 2016 UTC
less than $4 to go atm :)

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