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Democrats control Senate after 2022 Election-FIXED ODDS

Democrats control Senate after 2022 Election-FIXED ODDS


This is a market on which party will be elected to control the Senate at the start of the 118th Congress on 1/3/2023.

This market will be based on both the sitting senators at the end of that day as well as any elected but not yet seated senators.

Decision Logic

Yes=Democrat, No=Republican.
If someone is elected with a party affiliation but for some reason is not seated after 1/3, they will still count for that party for purposes of this market.

If there is litigation for any seats that is still being contested after 1/3/23 that prohibits an elected Senator from being seated, but that Senator has been called as the winner by at least 2/3 of CNN, FOX, or AP, that person will be considered the winner. A seat with no clear winner called by at least 2/3 of those will be considered empty.

Independents will count as a member of the party they choose to caucus with.

Any tie will go to the party of the sitting Vice President.

CLOSING IN2022-11-04 19:00:00

8:56PM, May 7, 2022 UTC

7:00PM, Nov 4, 2022 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 4, 2023 UTC


Offered Volume: 1.762
Backed Volume: 0.4404

This bet is waiting for its outcome.

The outcome will be known in: 1 Month.
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# Bets

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Expected Payout
2:04AM, Nov 4, 2022 UTC leen93 No 0.112 1.90x 0.20641600
11:20AM, Nov 3, 2022 UTC leen93 No 0.09999999 1.95x 0.18914998
1:55AM, Nov 3, 2022 UTC leen93 No 0.005 1.95x 0.00945750
7:48PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC leen93 No 0.07 2.00x 0.13580000
7:34PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC leen93 No 0.03 2.00x 0.05820000
3:32PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.007 1.21x 0.00821590
3:21PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.04 1.21x 0.04694800
2:57PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC Trev625 Yes 0.05 2.00x 0.09700000
1:46PM, Jul 30, 2022 UTC Anonymous No 0.0071 1.20x 0.00826440
9:46PM, Jul 28, 2022 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 1.20x 0.00582000
9:33AM, May 22, 2022 UTC Anonymous No 0.01428571 1.70x 0.02355714


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leen93 7:50PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC
feel free to email at [email protected] if you add liquidity :)
leen93 7:49PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC
2x on no and I might take it :)
Trev625 2:45PM, Nov 2, 2022 UTC
Well what odds you want? 1.5x? 2x?
leen93 8:54PM, Oct 16, 2022 UTC
Adding all liquidity you want...
Trev625 3:05PM, Jun 28, 2022 UTC
I can add a bit of liquidity
MAGAbro 11:32AM, Jun 15, 2022 UTC
No liquidity here....

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